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Get 50% off Star Wars Villainous, Risk and Catan in Target sale

Alongside Pandemic and Mysterium.

Target, the US retail chain, is currently holding a sale on its online store that offers 50% off a wide selection of tabletop titles.

Featured on the US-only retail online store, the sale contains a collection of board games that are either discounted or are included in a deal that provides 50% off a game when bought in tandem with another.

One of the board games featured in the sale is Star Wars Villainous: Power of the Dark Side, which was released earlier this year. The Star Wars-themed board game – which is available for $39.99 (£35) or 50% off that - has players take control of various villains featured across the franchise, from Darth Vader to General Grievous, in their pursuit of their own dark paths. Depending on their chosen character, players will have to complete certain objectives before their opponents in order to win, with every player having their own separate board and decks.

A more classic title found in the sale is Catan, included in the sale at a price of $47.99 (£42) or at 50% off if bought with another title. Taking place on the fictional island of Catan, the game challenges players to establish their own respective civilisations by building roads, settlements and cities. Players can earn victory points by constructing their buildings and roads, as well as buying development cards. Building and buying requires players have the appropriate resources, which they can obtain from their settlements/cities or by trading with the other players.

Risk, another classic board game, can be purchased for $33.99 (£35) or 50% off that amount when bought with another game. The family board game has players commanding world powers in a battle for control over the most territory possible. Featuring five different playable factions, Risk has players clash on the board in various fights between infantry units, with the winner taking over the respective land.

Liv explains why you should play Mysterium.

Other notable tabletop titles contained in the Target sale include the gem-trading game Splendor – at $35.99 (£31), or 50% off that – the spooky co-op board game Mysterium, priced at $43.99 (£39) or 50% off, and the party board game Wavelength, now priced at $35.99 (£31) with the option to get it 50% off.

It’s unconfirmed when the Target online sale will end, with hundreds of games included in the deal.

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