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Clank! Adventuring Party expansion grows the deckbuilder’s gang of thieves with more players

Stealing for six.

Venture into the dragon’s mountain lair with a band of up to six players in Adventuring Party, the upcoming board game expansion for deckbuilder Clank!

The original Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure is a beginner board game for two to four players that has everyone attempting to sneak into the home of an angry dragon in order to steal the most precious artefacts inside. Becoming the greatest thief in the realm is no mean feat, so ensuring that you have the tools and skills to grab as much treasure as possible - whilst making it out alive - is essential to success.

Each turn, players draw five cards from their deck which they can then use to perform a number of actions on their turn. These can be skill cards, which will obtain that player new cards; sword cards - to fight monsters - and boot cards, which can be used to move around the deckbuilding game’s board. Depending upon which cards players decide to acquire for their deck, they’ll be able to take different approaches to exploring the dungeon.

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The further into the mountain lair players go, the richer the rewards. However, they’ll have to be careful not to make too much noise, as every clank they make alerts the dragon and the more artefacts they steal the angrier the dragon will be. Whichever player makes it out alive with the greatest amount of wealth in hand is named the winner.

The newest expansion for the beginner board game, Clank! Adventuring Party, increases the potential maximum player count from four to six by adding an extra six new playable characters to the deckbuilding game. The roster includes the mage Lenara, Monkeybot Prime the robot and a cat called Whiskers. The set also includes some additional artefact cards for players to discover.

New dungeon deck cards are introduced in Adventuring Party, including additional enemies - such as the succubus - and fresh gameplay aspects, such as the Arrive Choice cards that force the entire group to make a decision on the spot. There will also be new cards for players to buy and use, such as React cards that enable players to prepare for an upcoming event even when it’s not their go.

Lightning Reflexes card Clank: Adventuring Party board game

Adventuring Party and the original Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure were designed by Paul Dennen, who also made sci-fi spin-off Clank! In Space and co-created legacy board game Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated.

Publisher Renegade Game Studios - the company behind two-player board game Fox in the Forest and beginner board game Arboretum - partnered with Dire Wolf Digital on creating Adventuring Party, having already worked with the company on previous entries in the Clank! series.

Clank! Adventuring Party is set to be released sometime in autumn 2020 at a retail price of $30 (£24).

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