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John Travolta makes people play Monopoly with real money

Time to Grease some palms.

John Travolta on The Late Late Show
Image credit: The Late Late Show/Youtube

If you happen to visit John Travolta’s house for the holidays then be sure to bring some extra cash with you, because Travolta likes to use real money when playing Monopoly.

Travolta, known for his performances in Saturday Night Fever and Pulp Fiction, slipped this little nugget in during an appearance on The Late Late Show wherein host James Corden and guests Sam Taylor-Johnson, a film director known for Nowhere Boy, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, an actor known for Kickass, were discussing playing Monopoly.

In the interview both Taylor-Johnsons expressed their love for indulging in intense games of Monopoly around the Christmas period, with some sessions often taking over three days to finish due to how competitive things get.

This was where Travolta chimed in with the question “Did you ever replace the money with real money?”, before concluding that “That’s the way to do it.” To which Cordon understandably replied, “Who plays Monopoly with real cash?”

The actor then explained that he kept the whole affair limited with just the use of $20 and $100 notes, estimating that the total cost of a single game of Monopoly was around ‘$2000’, which he seemed to think was a reasonable amount.

Cordon appeared visibly stunned by Travolta’s rather expensive board game habits once again reiterating that this money was spent “in Monopoly”. I wonder how much Travolta would spend if he played the new Monopoly: Longest Game Ever edition.

Travolta is just one of many celebrities who enjoy tabletop gaming, with True Detective star Woody Harrelson having played rounds of Catan with Elizabeth Banks on the set of The Hunger Games, and Chronicles of Riddick actor Vin Diesel being a huge advocate of Dungeons & Dragons. Neither have confirmed if they’ve ever played Monopoly with real money before.

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