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Sword & Sorcery to be adapted into an interactive board and app game

Fantastical technology.

A new version of the fantasy board game Sword & Sorcery that features an interactive board and app is on its way.

Based on the Teburu platform – which enables players to use an interactive board, alongside a companion app, when playing tabletop games – the upcoming board game will adapt Sword & Sorcery into a version that’s compatible with the interactive tabletop system. According to Ares Games, the publisher responsible for releasing the original Sword & Sorcery board game, the Teburu version will provide players with a way to “simplify the game experience and make Sword & Sorcery easier to learn and faster to play”.

Ares Games and Xplored, the company behind the Teburu system, have not provided any further details on how the new version of Sword & Sorcery will work or whether it will feature any new content. Reportedly, the adaptation will “enhance the gameplay” of the original, making Sword & Sorcery “even deeper and more immersive.”

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Sword & Sorcery is a co-op board game for one to five players that’s based on the gameplay system introduced in the sci-fi tabletop title Galaxy Defender. The game takes place in a fictional world in which the player characters are brought back to life in order to pursue a series of heroic quests. At the beginning of the game, the players will have access to a small selection of abilities – depending on which character they’ve chosen – and will acquire more powers, magic spells and weaponry, as well as artifacts, as they progress through the game and gain more soul points.

Last year saw the release of a spin-off title called Sword & Sorcery: Ancient Chronicles, which takes place before the events of the original game. Ancient Chronicles is both a standalone title and fully compatible with the first entry in the series, offering players a new campaign with optional side-quests and multiple potential outcomes depending on players’ choices and performance.

Sword & Sorcery and Ancient Chronicles were both co-created by Simone Romano and Nunzio Surace, the co-designers of Galaxy Defenders and several expansions for Sword & Sorcery including Arcane Portal, Darkness Falls and Vastaryous’ Lair.

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Apart from Sword & Sorcery, Ares Games is responsible for publishing the Lord of the Rings inspired war board game War of the Ring: Second Edition, alongside the horror board game Last Friday.

Besides a new version of Sword & Sorcery, Teburu is also set to support the release of an original board game Called Zodiac and The Bad Karmas – a co-op title that has players taking control of a group of unlikely heroes who must defeat a series of enormous monsters to save the world – and a recently announced spin-off board game from the Vampire: The Masquerade tabletop RPG series called Vampire: The Masquerade – Milan Uprising.

The upcoming Teburu version of Sword & Sorcery is yet to receive a release date or retail price.

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