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Games for Gaza bundle on Itch.io supports Palestinian medical aid by selling 200 RPGs for $10

The bundle of tabletop and video games has raised roughly $200,000 for UK-based charity Medical Aid For Palestinians.

Games For Gaza Itch.io bundle screenshot showing some of the available tabletop RPGs
Image credit: Itch.io

Nearly 140 creators have contributed their titles to the Games for Gaza bundle on Itch.io to raise funds for the Medical Aid For Palestinians (MAP) charity. The bundle contains roughly 200 tabletop games and 50 video games and has garnered nearly $200,000 at time of writing.

The bundle, hosted by tabletop creator Oak Grove Games, runs through November 9th and offers digital versions of every title for a combined cost of $10. Along with the games comes a selection of soundtracks, art assets and two published books.

MAP is a charity based in the UK that wants to create access to healthcare for all Palestinians and supports programmes in the West Bank, Gaza, East Jerusalem, and Lebanon. Members work with local resources and grassroots groups to ensure access to healthcare, provide humanitarian aid and cultivate knowledge and skills within Palestinians communities affected by recent violence.

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Amongst the tabletop RPGs, supplements and other titles are Everest Pipkin’s The Ground Itself, a worldbuilding game designed for a single session that was featured on a previous season of Friends at the Table. There’s also Austin Ramsay’s popular mecha RPG Beam Saber, Caro Asercion’s evocative city-building RPG called “i’m sorry did you say street magic” and Kavita Poduri’s hopeful post-apocalyptic RPG Songs for the Dusk.

Digital versions of popular tabletop RPGs are available at an extremely cheap price, such as Sandy Pug Games’ Monster Care Squad, which twists the Monster Hunter formula by casting the players as veterinarian-adventurers on a quest to cure these massive, mythical beasts. Anamnesis and Alone on a Journey, by Sam Leigh and Takuma Okada respectively, are pillars of the solo RPG community, and World Champ Game Co.’s Cybermetal 2012 takes the Mork Borg model of highly artistic RPG book in a low-tech, heavy metal direction.

The Games for Gaza bundle is available on Itch.io through November 9th and will donate all funds raised to Medical Aid For Palestinians. More information on the charity, including their most recent projects and areas of focus, can be found here.

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