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Get an exclusive early look at the latest Critical Role: Mighty Nein Origins graphic novel

Mollymauk Tealeaf takes to the stage.

The front cover of Critical Role: The Mighty Nein Origins - Mollymauk Tealeaf.
Image credit: Dark Horse Comics

Dicebreaker readers have been given the opportunity to get an exclusive early look at the next entry in the Critical Role: The Mighty Nein Origins series of comic books.

Based on the characters featured in the second campaign of Critical Role – a Dungeons & Dragons 5E actual play series featuring a cast of professional actors – The Mighty Nein Origins series is a collection of comic books that follow the stories of the adventuring party before the events of the campaign.

Each chapter of the series follows one member of The Mighty Nein prior to their escapades with the other party members, with every chapter then being released as a complete graphic novel. Graphic novels based on the origin stories of Nott the Brave – a goblin rogue played by Sam Reigel – Jester Lavorre, a tiefling cleric created by Laura Bailey, Travis Willingham’s half-orc warlock Fjord Stone, Caleb Widogast – Liam O’Brian’s human wizard – and Yasha Nydoorin, an assimar barbarian played by Ashley Johnson, have already been released.

The latest graphic novel to be released in the series is Critical Role: The Mighty Nein Origins – Mollymauk Tealeaf, which will tell the story of the tiefling bloodhunter controlled by Talesin Jaffe before he joined The Mighty Nein. Before Mollymauk became part of the ragtag crew of misfits featured in the tabletop roleplaying game actual play series, he was a performer at a travelling carnival. The Mighty Nein Origins – Mollymauk Tealeaf looks to tell the story of the bloodhunter leading up to his recruitment into the Mighty Nein, focusing on his strange lack of memories and unusual tattoos.

Ahead of its official release, Dicebreaker has been provided with an exclusive look at several pages from the very beginning of graphic novel. Readers can browse through the pages via the gallery above.

Critical Role: The Mighty Nein Origins – Mollymauk Tealeaf was co-created by Jody Houser, Talesin Jaffe, Matthew Mercer – the worldbuilder and dungeon master for Critical Role campaign two - Hunter Severn Bonyun, Cathy Le and Ariana Maher. Dark Horse Comics is the publisher responsible for releasing the entire Critical Role: The Mighty Nein Origins series, as well as Critical Role: Vox Machina Origins – a comic book series based on characters featured in the very first campaign of Critical Role.

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Critical Role is a video series that features actors Matthew Mercer, Sam Reigel, Marisha Ray, Talesin Jaffe, Laura Bailey, Travis Willingham, Liam O’Brian and Ashley Johnson – alongside various other guests and temporary cast members – playing Dungeons & Dragons 5E. Currently on its third main campaign, the series has seen several adaptations including an animated show on Amazon Prime called The Legend of Vox Machina, which has just seen the release of its second season.

Critical Role: The Mighty Nein Origins – Mollymauk Tealeaf is set to be released on May 17th.

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