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Dicebreaker members can now save 10% off tickets to next month’s TT3 - Tabletop Weekender convention!

Our latest exclusive offer for members.

Image credit: EPIC.LAN

Last month, we launched our new Dicebreaker memberships programme on the website. (If you missed it, find out more here.)

We’re continuing to add more benefits and offers on top of the already available discounts in local game stores and gaming cafés, exclusive members-only content, 20% off PAX Unplugged tickets and the latest card game from the creator of Magic: The Gathering for free - and we’re excited to announce the latest exclusive offer for members today!

The folks over at EPIC.LAN, the company behind UK board game convention TT3 - Tabletop Weekender, have offered an exclusive 10% off tickets to next month’s event for Dicebreaker members.

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TT3 takes place from Friday November 11th to Sunday 13th in Warwick’s Delta by Marriott hotel, and will feature three days of open gaming.

Visitors can take along their own games - maybe you picked something up at this year’s Essen Spiel? - or borrow a copy from the event’s own board game library, which includes everything from light party games such as Spaceteam, Uno and Yahtzee through social deduction favourites like Werewolf, Blood on the Clocktower and Secret Hitler to meaty games such as Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game, Brass: Birmingham and Descent: Journeys in the Dark. Groups will also be playing roleplaying games including Dungeons & Dragons 5E and the Blade Runner RPG.

As well as open play throughout the weekend, there will be scheduled sessions of games including recent release Ark Nova, making it easier to find a group of players. Visitors can sign up to run a scheduled game, or play as late as they like - with no set close time each night.

To claim your 10% off a day pass or full event pass to EPIC.LAN’s TT3 - Tabletop Weekender, head over to the Codes section of your Dicebreaker membership account, where you’ll find the discount code and details on how to redeem it. Don't forget you'll need to be a Dicebreaker member to grab the offer!

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