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Money off in your local store, cheaper PAX Unplugged tickets, free games and promos: Dicebreaker memberships are here!

Get exclusive benefits in FLGS and gaming cafés, free downloadable promos and even a whole board game for free, all while supporting the team.

We’re excited to announce that Dicebreaker has launched a new memberships programme that will offer members - that’s you lovely folks! - exclusive benefits across the entire tabletop hobby. It’s very cool, and we’re pumped to tell you all about it.

From just £5.99/month ($6.99/month), Dicebreaker members will be able to claim exclusive benefits at participating local game stores and board game cafés around the world. We’ll also be highlighting some of those shops and outlets in the weeks and months to come, celebrating one of the key parts of tabletop gaming: friendly local game stores.

Among our first partners are Kent board game cakery Planet JJs and UK-spanning board game café Chance & Counters, who will offer customers a store-wide discount when they show their membership status in-store. (Are you a friendly local game store or café interested in being part of the programme? Get in touch!)

Members will be able to read and watch exclusive articles and videos from the whole Dicebreaker team.

Every Dicebreaker member will receive regular digital games and promos to download at home for free, from RPG adventures and supplements to print-and-play board games. Our first digital goodie is yet to be announced, but we’re looking forward to sharing it with you very soon!

Members will also gain access to weekly members-only articles and videos from the Dicebreaker team, be able to join us at exclusive community events, and enjoy browsing totally free of ads.

You can check out the first batch of members' articles and videos over in the members' archive right now, where you'll find Meehan talking Marvel, Resident Evil and Better Call Saul; Matt chatting about his time picking up worldly skills in the woods and learning mahjong from an anime catgirl; and the video team doing everything from recommending fantasy novels and playing the Dead by Daylight dating sim to crafting frog wizards out of clay!

That’s all pretty sweet, right? Well, good news: it only gets better.

Dicebreaker Memberships Yearly ($79.99/£69.99) Monthly ($6.99/£5.99)
Free copy of SolForge Fusion: Starter Kit - worth $34.99/£34.99! (While supplies last)
Save 20% off tickets to PAX Unplugged
15% off Dicebreaker merch and other ReedPop products
Ad-free browsing on
Members-only videos
Members-only articles
Quarterly digital downloads
Regular members-only events
Exclusive offers at local game stores and board game cafés
Member commenter badge

Those who sign up for a year’s membership to Dicebreaker will save money per month AND be able to save 20% off up to two tickets to major US board game convention PAX Unplugged. Plus, you’ll save 15% off Dicebreaker merch and other products in the ReedPop store.

Yearly members will also receive a Starter Kit for the latest game from the creator of Magic: The Gathering, SolForge Fusion, for free!* (Worth $34.99/£34.99!)

Created by MTG and Android: Netrunner designer Richard Garfield and Ascension co-creator Justin Gary, SolForge Fusion sees players creating a deck from two deck halves. Each deck half is created by an algorithm to be one-of-a-kind, meaning that every player’s SolForge Fusion deck is completely unique. Players use their hybrid deck to battle against their opponent, levelling up their cards and using the spells and abilities at their disposal to claim victory.

Find out more about our first free game for yearly Dicebreaker members right here - and, if you're reading this on launch day, catch Matt and Wheels playing SolForge Fusion live over on the Dicebreaker YouTube channel from 2pm BST!

Yearly Dicebreaker members will get a copy of SolForge Fusion, the new game from the creators of Magic: The Gathering and Ascension, for free!Watch on YouTube

Your support as a Dicebreaker member will also help the Dicebreaker team - that’s us! - make more weird and wonderful videos and articles about board games, RPGs, card games, miniatures and much, much more.

Head on over to to become a Dicebreaker member today and grab all of these exclusive benefits. Thank you for your support!

*While supplies last. Shipping available to US, Canada, EU and UK.

What if I’m already a Dicebreaker+ member on YouTube?

If you’re an existing Dicebreaker+ member via the Dicebreaker YouTube channel, thank you for already supporting what we do! While for now we’ll keep posting members-only videos to YouTube as well as the website, in time we’ll look to replace Dicebreaker+ with this new memberships programme.

As a Dicebreaker member, you’ll get exactly the same videos via the website - plus all the extra benefits listed above on top - for less money a month, so it simply doesn’t feel right to keep offering less for more over on YouTube. (They won’t be in for launch, but we hope to bring the custom emojis to the website soon - we love them too!)

To say an extra thanks for your support, existing Dicebreaker+ members can visit the Community tab of the Dicebreaker YouTube channel to claim a Dicebreaker+ exclusive discount on your Dicebreaker website membership. Dicebreaker+ members can get three months’ free membership, while Dicebreaker+ VIP members will be able to claim six months for free.

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