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Congratulations Alex Meehan, Dicebreaker’s new senior staff writer!

Talented tabletop journalist and Tim the Goblin’s handler steps up after two years.

Happy Friday! It’s an especially happy Friday here on team Dicebreaker, as we announce that Alex Meehan has stepped up to the role of Senior Staff Writer!

Alex joined the Dicebreaker team at its inception just over two years ago, in the long-ago mists of October 2019, working on the website as staff writer ahead of its official launch.

In the time since, Alex has written an incredible number of news stories, features, reviews and other articles for the website, ranging from her thoughts on games including Unmatched, the Dishonored RPG and this year’s new Betrayal at House on the Hill to outlining the perfect D&D movie reboot, the best board game box artwork and a ranking of all the Pikachus in the Pokémon TCG.

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She’s also interviewed figures from around the tabletop world, from Blood Rage designer Eric Lang and Pandemic creator Matt Leacock through to Critical Role’s Matthew Mercer, The Adventure Zone DM Griffin McElroy and Cyberpunk legend Mike Pondsmith.

If you’ve ever looked for the best party games, how to play Dungeons & Dragons or wanted the definitive ranking of dice, there’s a very good chance you’ve also read her work.

That’s just the tip of a seriously impressive iceberg of work, all of which is shot through with Alex’s trademark ability for surreal humour, references to obscure 1970s British television, her passion for board games and a natural talent in explaining even the most complex rules in an approachable and engaging way.

Watch on YouTube

Of course, she’s also made plenty of appearances over on the Dicebreaker YouTube channel too, whether it’s her countless appearances in Let’s Plays, her news chopper-flying on the weekly podcast (“E-MAILS!”) or her starring role as Dungeonbreaker’s Tim the Goblin in our D&D series.

Behind the scenes, Alex has been a continuous force for good on the Dicebreaker team and tabletop industry. She is endlessly professional, caring and committed to making the world - both of tabletop games, and at large - a better place, and is always willing to lend a hand to any of the team.

Alex has been a fundamental part of Dicebreaker’s success so far - including setting multiple new traffic records last year, despite the ongoing challenges posed by world events - so I am very excited to see her play an even greater role in the site’s direction going forward and continue to produce work that inspires and entertains.

For now, please join me in congratulating Alex on her promotion to Senior Staff Writer!

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