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Dimension 20 will bring The Unsleeping City’s fantasy NYC to Madison Square Garden

Ticket presales for the live one-shot adventure are planned for April 12th.

Image credit: Dimension 20

Popular tabletop RPG actual play will trade its Dropout studio for a slightly larger stage - New York City’s Madison Square Garden. Brennan Lee Mulligan and the core roleplay crew will bring a one-shot adventure set in The Unsleeping City’s modern fantasy version of The Big Apple on January 24th, 2025.

Dimension 20: Gauntlet at The Garden will be a live show featuring Mulligan behind the DM screen, along with all the other “intrepid heroes” - Emily Axford, Ally Beardsley, Brian Murphy, Zac Oyama, Siobhan Thompson, and Lou Wilson. If you’ve never watched before, D20 produces a Dungeons & Dragons 5E actual play series that focuses on dramatic and humorous storytelling, professionally edited performances and the improv chops of its full cast.

The Unsleeping City imagines a version of NYC with a sixth, secret borough that is home to fey courts, magical beasts and folkloric legends from Santa Claus and a personification of The American Dream to famous composer Stephen Sondheim. Party members include Oyama’s charismatic firefighter Ricky Matsui, Wilson’s Kingston Brown - a nurse who also serves as the city’s Vox Populi and Beardsley’s drug dealer-turned-dream liaison Pete the Plug.

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Dropout did not include any information on how this one-shot adventure will slot into The Unsleeping City’s two existing seasons, or where along the timeline it might appear. Given the cast list, we can probably expect the intrepid heroes to reprise their roles in a more bombastic adventure fit for a stage that normally hosts professional sports teams, wrestling matches, orchestras and famous musical performances.

Such a venue is a high-water mark for the second most popular tabletop RPG, behind the nearly ubiquitous Critical Role. Dimension 20 is planning a seperate series of live shows, while the latter series, helmed by Matt Mercer and his crew of working actors have been enjoying bigger screen access for a few years via one-off adventures shown in film theatres, along with live shows.

Tickets for Dimension 20: Gauntlet at The Garden will open an artist presale on April 10th at 10 a.m. EST, with a LiveNation presale on April 11th and a general sale on April 12th at 10 a.m. EST. A press release confirmed that the performance will be recorded and posted to Dropout’s subscription-based service at some point after the show.

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