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Sleeping Gods sequel and next Cyanide & Happiness game coming to Gamefound

Plus a new title from Dwellings of Eldervale designer.

The next entry in the Sleeping Gods series and a new board game from Cyanide & Happiness – the studio behind Joking Hazard – are coming to the crowdfunding site Gamefound.

Several upcoming board games are set to have crowdfunding campaigns launched on Gamefound, including a sequel to 2021’s Sleeping Gods, a co-op board game about exploring a sea filled with strange islands and exciting discoveries. Called Sleeping Gods: Distant Skies – designed by Ryan Laukat, the designer behind the original game, and published by Red Raven Games - the standalone sequel sees one to four players travelling through a portal that takes them to another world, one that they’ll have to escape before the doorway closes behind them. Taking place in the same universe as the original Sleeping Gods, Distant Skies has players exploring the landscape, meeting new characters and seeking out the clues they need to find their way back home.

As players progress through the co-op board game, they’ll encounter branching narrative paths that they’ll have to choose between, which will sometimes involve combat scenarios. The combat gameplay system in Distant Skies is a new addition to the series and has players using cards to fight. As they progress through the game, players can build their decks to prepare to face various enemies. There is no set direction that players need to pursue in Distant Skies, instead, they can travel to wherever they want to in the game’s world in service of quests or otherwise free exploration.

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Cyanide & Happiness is a series of comedy comics that serve as inspiration for the party board game Joking Hazard in which players collaboratively create comic strips using the cards in their hand, with the winner of each round being whoever’s punchline is considered the funniest. The comic series creator is currently set to launch its next release on Gamefound, with the details surrounding the upcoming game set to be revealed over the next few weeks.

Another title coming to Gamefound is Andromeda’s Edge, a new board game from the designer of Dwellings of Eldervale and Mahattan Project Energy Empire, Luke Laurie. The worker-placement game will see players exploring an uncharted area of space containing various debris left by ancient civilisations. Known as The Edge, the area serves as an escape for people looking for a life outside of the control of intergalactic oppression. As leaders of different factions, players will be looking to develop their respective spaceship fleets, space stations and resource pools to be able to compete with the rival leaders.

Thorgal: The Board Game artwork

Other tabletop games coming to Gamefound include Oak, a board game that has players becoming factions of druids who must protect the forest they call home, Thorgal: The Board Game – an adaptation of a comic book series about a powerful Viking warrior – and the re-release of Reiner Knizia’s Ra.

The Gamefound launch dates and pledge amounts for the above games are yet to be confirmed.

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