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Grab D&D, Pathfinder and DIE comics for cheap and support the National Network of Abortion Funds

Humble Comics Bundle: Fantasy RPG comics focuses on tabletop-inspired stories.

The artwork for Minsc and Boo's Journey into Villainy D&D 5E
Image credit: Wizards of the Coast

Tabletop RPGs are all about telling collaborative stories, but sometimes you want to sit back and enjoy the high fantasy antics of another party of adventurers. That’s where the Humble Comics Bundle’s latest collection comes in. The charity bundle is offering several popular comic series at a discount, and sales will benefit the National Network of Abortion Funds.

This current bundle will be available until October 13th and contains issues adapting the worlds of both Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder into serialised comics. Buy in with at least $15 to receive access to everything in the bundle - there are options to pay more than the average donation, as well as lower tiers that shave down what’s included.

The D&D comics comprise the Legends of Baldur’s Gate storyline published across five volumes by IDW. Roughly taking place during the Tyranny of Dragons, as portrayed in D&D modules Horde of the Dragon Queen and Rise of Tiamat. Fan favourite characters Minsc the Berserker and the wild mage Delina lead a cast of heroes against the Cult of the Dragon.

Interested in seeing DIE RPG in action? Scope Maddie and Liv playing with creators Kieron Gillen and RRD's Grant Howitt.Watch on YouTube

Pathfinder’s own run of comics have been published by Dynamite since 2012, and largely follow the same cast of characters through dozens of issues and several storylines. Four of the main adventures are included in this bundle - Dark Waters Rising, Of Tooth and Claw, City of Secrets and Hollow Mountain - along with the standalone prequel Origins run detailing the backstories of the main cast of heroes.

Also included is the first issue of Kieron Gillen and Stephanie Hans’ DIE, a wicked and meta-referential story about a group of friends who get sucked into the world of their tabletop campaign, Jumanji-style. They bring with them all of their fears, insecurities, obsessions and deep desires, which become unfortunate fuel for an experience that leaves them traumatised once they escape. Now, decades later, the dice are calling to them once again.

DIE crowdfunded an actual tabletop RPG book based on the now-finished comic series earlier this year in coordination with Heart and Spire makers Rowan, Rook and Decard. The game will carry the thematic torch of the original run while giving players the chance to experience their own double lives by creating both an avatar that adventures through the land of DIE and their mundane selves back in the “real world”.

Pathfinder 2E has been gaining popularity among tabletop RPG's bigger names since its release in 2019. | Image credit: Paizo

Finally, folks can get their hands on the first two volumes of Jim Zub, Edwin Huang and Misty Coats’ Skullkickers, a loving send-up of the sword and sorcery genre that reads somewhere between a classic fantasy RPG session and Mike Mignola’s Hellboy. Two mercenaries make their way through a world that rewards violent people with murderous tendencies, punching and stabbing their way through as many problems as possible.

The majority of every bundle purchase will go towards the National Network of Abortion Funds, a US-based network organisation that connects member groups across the country with the resources they need to supply care, education and action within their own regional communities. Think of it as an umbrella for grassroots movements that know best how to treat the people near them affected by recent legislation overturning abortion access. More information can be found at NNAF's website.

Explore the Humble Comics Bundle: Fantasy RPG Comics for yourself on the Humble website.

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