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Snag over 20 roleplaying games on while raising funds for Trans Day of Remembrance

Donated funds will help provide food, shelter and healthcare for trans people in need.

Lichcraft RPG artwork
Image credit: Laurie O'Connel

A group of roleplaying designers have added their games to an bundle raising money for several support organisations as part of Trans Day of Remembrance.

The Bundle for Trans Day of Remembrance runs $5 (£3.74) and delivers 22 tabletop RPGs whose individual value totals nearly $150 (£112). The bundle says that 98% of the raised funds will be donated to ongoing crowdfunding efforts that help keep trans people across the world fed, clothed and housed. The annual observation serves to memorialise trans lives lost to systemic violence and neglect while also raising awareness of persisting global conditions under which many still live.

“Thousands of trans people are reliant on fundraisers to cover basic expenses or raise money for vital healthcare - healthcare that should be free and easy to access,” O’Connel writes on the bundle’s page. “We're honouring all the trans people who have been screwed over by this system, and hoping to give something back to those that are still struggling.”

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The bundle includes a one-shot version of recent Kickstarter hit Slugblaster Turbo by Mikey Hamm, post-mech science-fiction RPG Vultures by Batts and Laurie O’Connel’s Lichcraft, a game about trans necromancers. Other games include solo RPGs, titles from popular indie jams and horror games in both a political and lighthouse flavour.

The bundle originally set out to raise $300 (£224) and at time of publication boasts over $3,200 (£2,395) from 420 contributors. It has updated its fundraising goal to $5,000 (£3,741).

According to the page, the remaining 2% of raised funds will be used to help those designers who donated their games to the bundle break even, if they haven’t already through normal sales.

The Bundle for Trans Day of Remembrance premiered on November 20th, the official Trans Day of Awareness and will be available to purchase until November 27th.

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