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Stormlight Archive miniatures RPG collection to include Dalinar Kholin in Shardplate

The Blackthorn returns.

The upcoming Stormlight Archive Premium Miniatures Collection – based on the fantasy novels by Brandon Sanderson – will feature a figure of Dalinar Kholin.

In a preview from publisher Brotherwise Games, it was revealed that one of the figures featured in the new miniatures collection adapted from the Stormlight Archive series would be that of Dalinar Kholin, in his first official depiction outside of the books.

Patriarch of the Kholin family, father to Adolin and Renarin and brother to the king, Dalinar is one of the main characters in the Stormlight Archive. Now older and wiser, it seems that Dalinar is still capable of donning his Shardplate, magical armour that makes the wearer unnaturally strong and able to withstand a significant amount of damage. This version of Dalinar sees him as the Blackthorn, a past version of himself that reveled in the violence of war and used his skills in battle to kill scores of enemies.

Images of the Dalinar Kholin miniatures for The Stormlight Archive Premium Collection.

Dalinar is one of 24 different miniatures included within the tabletop miniatures game collection, which will contain 32mm scale models of various characters from the book series. All of the featured miniatures will be sold unpainted, with guidelines provided – should players want them. The miniatures will not be tied to any specific titles, with no stat blocks or character sheets included. Instead, players are free to use the miniatures in their tabletop RPG games, miniatures games and beyond.

Apart from The Stormlight Archive Premimum Miniatures Collection – which is being co-created by the Dragonsteel company – Brotherwise Games is also responsible for releasing the Call to Adventure: Stormlight Archives board game, a tabletop title that enables players to create their own characters within the book universe and tell stories using recognisable imagery from the series.

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The Stormlight Archive is a series of novels that takes place in the fictional world of Roshar in which people, known as Knights Radiant, are granted various abilities by bonding with strange creatures called Spren. Set to span across ten novels – plus several spin-off titles – The Stormlight Archive follows a collection of characters as they become, or are somehow connected to, Knights Radiant. The fifth book in the series is planned to be released late next year.

A Kickstarter campaign for The Stormlight Archive Premium Miniatures Collection is set to be launched on September 13th - pledge amounts and estimated delivery dates yet to be confirmed.

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