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These Stormlight Archive miniatures look pretty damn cool

I bow at Veil’s feet.

The miniatures based on characters from The Stormlight Archive books look pretty cool.

Inspired by the fantasy book series written by Brandon Sanderson, the Stormlight Premium Miniatures collection features 24 figurines – many of which have been unveiled via its Kickstarter campaign page. With Dalinar Kholin, in all his Blackthorn shardplate glory, having already been revealed, images of the majority of the remaining miniatures are now out in the wild.

Mild spoilers for Stormlight Archive series.

Backers will receive a certain number of figurines depending on which pledge level they pick, with the first level – The Way of Kings pledge – netting them the aforementioned Dalinar Kholin, alongside four others. Eshonai the Parshendi warrior is wielding her signature shardplate and blade, whilst Kaladin dons his Bridge Four armour and spear. Sly joins her Knight Radiant – looking suitably ethereal – with Shallan rather uncharacteristically gripping a sword instead of a pen.

A promo image for the Stormlight Miniatures KS

Other notable figurines featured in the tabletop RPG miniatures collection include Adolin – son of Dalinar – in his shardplate, one of Shallan’s alter-egos Veil, who looks like an awesome highway robber, the strange-looking cryptic spren Pattern and the Truthwatcher radiant Renarin Kholin.

Several of the miniatures are yet to be revealed, such as the Reshi thief and Knight Radiant Lift and the mysterious figure of Wit. Meanwhile the appearance of other miniatures is rather surprising, with Jasnah Kholin wielding a sword – despite the character being best known for her great intellect – and the dead spren found in Adonlin’s sword, Maya, looking oddly normal.

Otherwise, figurines such as Navani – who appears characteristically elegant – the powerful Parsendi leader Venli and Dalinar without his shardplate, but looking as thick as the Stormlight community has always believed him to be, look pretty much spot on.

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The Stormlight Premium Miniatures collection was co-created by the Dragonsteel company and is being published by Brotherwise Games, the studio responsible for releasing the Call to Adventure: Stormlight Archive board game – which enables players to create and control a character within the universe of the novels - and the beginner board game Boss Monster.

The Stormlight Archive is a series of fantasy books that take place in the land of Roshar and follows a large cast of characters. Due to span a total of 10 novels, alongside several spin-off titles, the story focuses on the discovery that people can bond with creatures from another dimension called spren, with the bonded individuals becoming Knights Radiants capable of wielding incredible abilities.

The Kickstarter campaign for the Stormlight Archive Premium Miniature collection is live until October 14th, with a pledge of $100 (£87) getting backers all 24 miniatures in July 2023.

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