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Digital Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride and Talisman included in Steam sale

Ends later today.

Several digital versions of classic board games are currently included in the Remote Play Together Sale on the Steam store.

Themed around enabling players to experience video games together, regardless of their location, the Remote Play Together Sale features a collection of discounted digital board games.

One of these discounted digital board games is Carcassonne: The Official Board Game, a video game version of the classic family game that is currently available for £2.87 ($3.85), 60% off its usual asking price. Similarly to the tabletop original, Carcassonne digital sees players placing tiles across a French Medieval landscape in order to play meeples and score points. On their turn, players can take a tile from the top of the draw deck and place it adjacent to another. When a landmark is completed, such as a monastery or a city, then the player is able to put an appropriate meeple on the tile and can score points. Digital Carcassonne can be played in a single-player mode, as well as between friends both online and locally.

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Another title included in the sale is the digital version of Ticket to Ride, which is currently 50% off at a price of £3.49 ($4.68). As in the tabletop original, the Ticket to Ride video game has players competing to complete various railroad routes across North America. On a player’s turn, they can choose to take an available ticket from the market or can place one of their pieces on the game board. Taking tickets gives players access to the different coloured pieces they need to complete their various routes and score points. Players can challenge AI opponents in a solo game mode, as well as compete against friends both locally and online.

Also featured within the Steam sale is Talisman: Digital Edition, a video game adaptation of the adventure board game. Currently priced at £1.29 ($1.73) - 75% off its standard price – Talisman: Digital Edition sees players choosing between a roster of classic fantasy characters, with each one having their own unique ability. During the game, players roll dice and engage in various encounters, sometimes involving combat or treasure that players can acquire. Whichever player character claims the Crown of Command first is named the winner. In Talisman: Digital Edition, players can go against AI controlled characters or their friends both online and locally.

Spirit Island tablet version screenshot

Other digital board games found in the Remote Play Together Sale are Spirit Island – a co-op game about defending an island against an army of colonisers – the legacy game Charterstone, Aeon’s End, One Deck Dungeon and Small World, the area control game that features a roster of strange playable species


The Remote Play Together Sale is set to end later today – March 7th – at 10am PST (6PM GMT).

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