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Cosmic colony sim Terraforming Mars launches on mobile

Come on Rover.

Popular sci-fi strategy board game Terraforming Mars has landed on mobile stores today, courtesy of publisher Asmodee Digital.

In the new app, you can play in single-player - in which you are pitted against an AI - or against your fellow humans in a five-person multiplayer mode.

As well as the core campaign, there’s also a solo challenge set against a time limit to play.

Exactly like the board game, in Terraforming Mars you each play a corporation launching an ambitious terraforming project on the red planet. Whoever makes the most improvements - whether that’s building infrastructure, creating forests and oceans, or introducing oxygen into the atmosphere - wins.

Terraforming Mars had its first digital incarnation last year, when it hit Steam stores. Currently it has mixed reviews, predominantly related to bugs.

Other board games to get the app store treatment include Pandemic, Catan Classic and Ticket to Ride.

The Terraforming Mars app adaptation is currently available on both the Apple and Google stores for £6.99. So far, it appears to be receiving positive reviews.

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