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Gloomhaven, Love Letter and Terraforming Mars included in digital board game sale

Alongside Blood Rage and Takenoko.

Several digital adaptations of notable board games are currently on sale for PC players.

A sale is currently being hosted by Twin Sails Interactive, a publisher that was originally known as Asmodee Interactive before its rebranding. (Thanks Games .) The name change happened earlier this year, with Twin Sails Interactive reportedly moving to focus more on “original experiences” rather than just digital board games, with its next upcoming video games being News Tower – a management title developed by Studio Nul Games – and Amberial Dreams by Lumorama.

The current sale includes a collection of video game adaptations of board games, with some being discounted up to 80% off their original asking price. One of the titles featured in the Twin Sails Interactive sale is Gloomhaven Digital, a video game version of the dungeon-crawler board game created by Isaac Childres and published by Cephalofair Games.

Wheels and Lolies play the digital version of Gloomhaven.

Currently discounted to £20.85 ($23) instead of the usual price of £27.79 ($31), Gloomhaven Digital sees players going solo, or teaming up remotely online, in order to embark on various quests and side-quests around the city of Gloomhaven. A fantasy game, Gloomhaven Digital has players choosing between a collection of playable characters, each with their unique class and abilities. During a quest, players simultaneously choose two cards to play from their hand, selecting between a top and bottom action to perform. Objectives will vary between quests, with players needing to complete their goal/s before they all become exhausted.

Another notable title included in the Twin Sails Interactive sale is the digital adaptation of Love Letter, which is currently discounted to just £1.29 ($1.44), instead of the usual £5.19 ($5.79). Based on the card game by Seiji Kanai and published by Alderac Entertainment Group, Love Letter sees players either challenging an AI opponent in a solo game or going against their friends online in an attempt to win the Princess’s affections.

In the game, players take turns drawing a card and playing a card, with each card having its own special ability. The aim of Love Letter is to either be the last player standing or to have the highest numbered card by the end. Players can use certain card abilities to try and knock their opponents out of the game or otherwise force them to discard a card they want to keep.

Terraforming Mars digital version screenshot

The digital version of Terraforming Mars – the board game designed by Jacob Fryxelius and published by Fryxgames – is also included in the sale, with the game being discounted to £7.74 ($8.68) rather than the usual £15.49 ($17.29). Taking place on the red planet, players become CEOs of their own corporations, each with the ambition of being a leading innovator in the terraforming of Mars. During the game, players draft cards that they can then use to gain resources and victory points, with the aim being to generate an engine that can power them through the rest of the game towards success.

Other notable titles found in the sale include Blood Rage: Digital Edition – priced at £6.19 ($7) - Takenoko digital, available for £2.87 ($3.20), and Mysterium for £2 ($2). The entire Twin Sails Interactive sale is available to view on the Steam store right now.

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