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Arkham Horror, Scythe, Terraforming Mars and more are all under £10 on PC

As part of GOG’s Board and Card Games sale.

Dozens of digital board games have been discounted on PC as part of a sale on GOG, including major names like Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne, Scythe, Through the Ages, Arkham Horror and Terraforming Mars.

GOG’s Board and Card Games sale includes 130 games and expansions available on PC, which have been slashed in price by up to 85%. The promotion runs until Monday July 26th.

Among the highlights is Arkham Horror: Mother’s Embrace, the long-awaited adaptation of the Arkham Horror Files series of horror board games - including Mansions of Madness and Eldritch Horror - as an XCOM-style turn-based strategy game. Released earlier this year, the PC game has been reduced by 40% from £15.99 to £9.59.

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A familiar sight in PC board game sales, Scythe’s Digital Edition has been halved in price, dropping to £7.79 from £15.49. The dieselpunk strategy game’s expansion Invaders from Afar - which adds two new factions, new player mats and expands the play count up to seven - has also been discounted, reduced from £7.19 to £5.09.

Terraforming Mars sees a similar sale, also halving in price from £15.49 to £7.79. The sci-fi strategy game challenges players to make the Red Planet habitable for humanity by building structures and changing its environment by manipulating oxygen levels, temperature and oceans. Terraforming Mars expansion Prelude also sees a discount, now costing £3.69 to add five new corporations, extra projects, a solo challenge mode and a Prelude gameplay phase to the base game from its original price of £5.19.

Other familiar games on offer include beginner board game classics Ticket to Ride - along with a wealth of extra maps - and tile-placement hit Carcassonne, available with a number of its expansions.

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The Extended Edition of sci-fi board game Galaxy Trucker has been dropped to £4.39 from £7.19 - an almost 40% saving - while the digital adaptation of Games Workshop classic Talisman sees one of the biggest discounts as it’s slashed by 85% to under a pound. Over a dozen of Talisman’s DLC characters are also on sale, alongside a couple of expansions and spin-offs.

Elsewhere in the sale, civilisation card game Through the Ages sees a minor 10% discount to £11.19, as does dark-fantasy adventure game Tainted Grail, falling to just under £14.

As well as the adaptations of existing board games, the sale includes PC games inspired by tabletop gameplay mechanics, including the digital card game Hand of Fate, deckbuilder Monster Train and Tinder-like kingdom-running sim Reigns.

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