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Are You Afraid of the Dark? horror RPG bundle features over 24 games

Perfect for Halloween.

A new bundle of horror tabletop roleplaying games features over 20 different titles.

The Are You Afraid of the Dark? bundle of tabletop RPGs contains 24 games and supplements for games masters and players to experience this Halloween. Every one of the titles included in the bundle use the Forged in the Dark gameplay system, which is the same system that the TRPG Blades in the Dark uses. The roleplaying games included in the bundle range from ones inspired by video games like Bloodborne, to solo RPGs.

One of the titles found in the bundle is Enter the Survival Horror, a slasher roleplaying game that has players exploring terrifying locations infested with dark creatures. During the game, players will be attempting to traverse through the corridors of each location, looking for the resources and the safety they need to survive the ordeal within. A doom clock hangs over the players, gradually increasing the threats they face as the game progresses. Taking inspiration from the video game Disco Elysium, Enter the Survival Horror has characters’ mental stats actively engage with them like they’re their own personas.

Another notable horror TRPG featured in the bundle is Haunter in the Dark, a game in which players take the role of investigators who are looking into strange supernatural occurrences happening in their hometown. Players will be able to make characters based on different playbooks depending on their relationship to the supernatural, with each playbook offering its own unique approach to the game. Players collaboratively work together to tell the story, deciding on what will creep each other out and how events will unfold in response to characters’ actions.

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Merger is another roleplaying game included in the Are You Afraid of the Dark? bundle, presenting players with a solo RPG experience. In Merger, players become citizens living under the rule of predatory corporations who exploit ordinary people for profit. As people living in this dystopian world, they’ll have to survive the ruthless actions of faceless corporations, who sometimes manifest as literal monsters. During the game, players will need to decide whether to rebel against their capitalist overlords or keep their head down and carry on.

The Are You Afraid of the Dark? bundle is currently available for $20 (£17), with contributors getting 4% of the total revenue and the organiser getting 8%, and will run until the end of October 31st.

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