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Get Blades in the Dark and other TRPGs for less than $10

An absolute steal.

Blades in the Dark RPG artwork
Image credit: John Harper/Evil Hat Productions

Blades in the Dark, the steampunk heist roleplaying game, is available at a discount as part of a Bundle of Holding deal focused around Forged in the Dark RPGs.

The Forged in the Dark Bundle of Holding features a collection of tabletop roleplaying games that use the same RPG system as Blades in the Dark.

For $9.95 (£7.50), players can get the Starter Collection for the Forged in the Dark Bundle of Holding, which features five different RPGs that all use the same rules system. Included within this collection is Blades in the Dark, the RPG that takes place in the steampunk-inspired setting of Duskvol that has players becoming a crew of criminals attempting to pull off various heists. Besides the rulebook for the game itself, the Starter Collection also features four unofficial character playbooks - or classes - that players can use in their games.

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Other than Blades in the Dark, the Starter Collection contains Into the Dark, a dungeon-crawling style RPG that has players delving into the depths of the earth to protect their homes and loved ones, the fairy-tale inspired RPG Errant Deeds: Tall Tales in the Blackwood! and the sci-fi roleplaying game CBR+PNK, which is designed to provide games masters and players with short one-shot RPG sessions set in a gritty futuristic world.

Paying $35.04 (£26) will provide players with all of the above, alongside everything included in the Bonus Collection for the Forged in the Dark Bundle of Holding as well. Featured in the Bonus Collection are six additional games and supplements, including the paranormal investigation roleplaying game External Containment Bureau; Wicked Ones - an RPG about being evil dungeon keepers - Sig: City of Blades, which is inspired by the Planescape series of D&D sourcebooks, a crime RPG set in Tennessee called Copperhead County and Disaster/Peace - A Magical Girl RPG.

Forged in the Dark is a roleplaying system created by John Harper, who used the system to design various RPGs including the dark fantasy RPG Band of Blades - in which players battle against hordes of undead as an outnumbered and overpowered legion of warriors - and the aforementioned Blades in the Dark. During Blades in the Dark players are able to suddenly cut to a flashback explaining how and why their characters are prepared to overcome a certain obstacle they might encounter, rather than doing any planning beforehand.

External Containment Bureau RPG artwork

Band of Blades and Blades in the Dark are both published by Evil Hat Productions, with the Forged in the Dark system being free to use for any designer wanting to create their own RPG using the rules.

The Forged in the Dark Bundle of Holding is live until December 28th with 10% of payments being donated to Direct Relief, a charity that specialises in providing health workers with support across the US and Canada.

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