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Mothership and Old School Essentials among indie RPGs discounted in Exalted Funeral sale

Along with a bundle of RPG PDFs benefitting The Center for Asian Pacific American Women.

Exalted Funeral has discounted a number of RPGs as part of the roleplaying retailer’s Free RPG Weekend sale, with discounts on indie darlings such as Mothership, Old School Essentials and Electric Bastionland, as well as an RPG bundle benefitting charity.

The discounts include the games’ physical editions, with the Player’s Survival Guide for acclaimed horror sci-fi RPG Mothership reduced from $15 to $11.25. Mothership module Dead Planet also sees a price cut to $11.25 from its usual $15, as does space station-building toolkit A Pound of Flesh.

Meanwhile, the core Rules Tome for Old-School Essentials - an old school renaissance RPG influenced by the 1970s framework of early roleplaying games such as Dungeons & Dragons - is down to $52.50 from $70, with its Player’s Rules Tome - its answer to D&D’s Player’s Handbook - discounted from $22 to $16.50.

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Electric Bastionland sees 25% knocked off its $60 RRP, currently available for $45. Created by Chris McDowall and built on the designer’s game Into the Odd, the RPG puts players into the titular city of Bastion - a sprawling metropolis where characters must escape their failed careers and search for treasure.

Another highlight is the Collected Edition of Mystic Punks, bringing together four previously out-of-print zines for the game of supernaturally-gifted teens investigating the otherworldly threat behind their vanished classmates, along with a new finale for players’ campaigns.

The sale includes some of Exalted Funeral’s more distinctive releases, too. Inspired by a true story, Ice Fleet is a concept album from Russian doom metal band Kauan about a mysterious fleet that appeared in 1930 with all of its crew frozen. The vinyl album is accompanied by a tabletop RPG designed to complement the music. The bundle is discounted from $40 to $30 as part of the sale.

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There’s also the fantastically titled 2 Worms 2 Furious, a setting that can be ported to any RPG that sees players dealing with an ever-growing mutated worm. Meanwhile, rules-lite, GM-less RPG zine 3 Day Weekend draws from Nickelodeon shows such as Hey Arnold! and ‘90s movies such as Space Jam as players become kids hanging out in a clubhouse for the weekend.

As well as the individual RPGs on sale, Exalted Funeral is offering a bundle of RPGs including over a dozen separate games in PDF form. The Free RPG 3 PDF bundle can be had for free or optionally bought for $10, with all funds going toward The Center for Asian Pacific American Women, a non-profit supporting AAPI women by providing leaderships skill such as education, networking and mentorship.

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