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Blade Runner and Symbaroum RPG maker knocks up to half off prices during Free League’s summer sale

Hobbit Girl Summer.

The summer heat is melting both permanent polar ice and also prices of tabletop RPGs, at least from Swedish publisher Free League. Books, adventures and supplements for licensed games such as Blade Runner and The Lord of the Ring sit alongside first-party game Symbaroum, Mutant: Year Zero and Tales from the Loop.

Up to half the price on Free League’s official website has been slashed off, and while not all tabletop RPGs in their portfolio benefit from the summer sale, the ones on offer provide penty to do inside and away from the oppressive sun.

One of the biggest and newest games included in the sale is Blade Runner RPG, an official tabletop adaptation of the seminal science fiction film series. All player embody the eponymous Blade Runners - citizens of neo noir Los Angeles who have dedicated their lives to policing and hunting down rogue replicants. Its meaty investigation system and ability to respect the source material without feeling beholden to it help this game stand apart. It’s currently available at a steal for $24.

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Symbaroum is a title I’ve been beating a drum over for months and years, saying its some of the smartest and most enjoyable dark fantasy RPGs, perfect for those groups feeling bored by Dungeons & Dragons’ more easily digestible contemporary sword and sorcery vibes. The forest of Davokar does not brook intruders well, especially those who would carry the taint of magic beneath its branches. At $21, the core rulebook will contain everything aspiring adventure parties may need to survive the wilderness and politics over life in the furthest regions.

Perhaps players want to lean hard into another film genre and imagine the horrific conditions portrayed in Alien and its sequels. Free League published the Alien RPG in 2019, allowing players to imagine themselves as crew members aboard an otherwise nondescript vessel. When and how the titular Alien will appear and ruin everyone’s day is up to the GM, but they'll need to work together if anyone has a hope of surviving the session, much less the night.

The Free League summer sale runs through July 5th and covers plenty more games than just the ones mentioned here. More information about each series and the sale as a whole can be found on their official website, but it's totally worth exploring the page for titles that speak to your aesthetics, along with quick summaries over the different bundles and starter sets Free League is cramming into boxes.

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