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'D&D meets Jumanji' comic book Die is under £1 on Humble Bundle

Along with the entire run of writer Kieron Gillen's The Wicked + The Divine and Phonogram.

Die comic artwork
Image credit: Image Comics/Stephanie Hans

Pick up the first volume of Dungeons & Dragons-inspired comic book Die for under a pound in a new Humble Bundle.

Written by Kieron Gillen and illustrated by Stephanie Hans, Die sees a group of players sucked back into the world of a tabletop RPG they played as teens, where they must face the game world’s dungeon master as well as their own personal conflicts.

Said by Gillen to be partially inspired by the 1980s Dungeons & Dragons cartoon and sharing some similarities with ‘90s classic Jumanji - albeit with a darker tone - Die is stuffed full of allusions to tabletop roleplaying, from its d20-shaped world to meta-discussion of the influence of The Lord of the Rings and D&D on modern fantasy gaming. The comic book even has its own tie-in RPG, designed by Gillen and available to download for free in its current beta form.

Die’s first volume Fantasy Heartbreaker includes the first five issues of the comic in digital format and can currently be picked up for 77p as part of a Humble Bundle collecting the work of Gillen and artist Jamie McKelvie. The bundle also includes Gillen and McKelvie’s acclaimed mythological series The Wicked + The Divine - which sees a pantheon of gods return as modern celebrities - and Britpop-influenced comic Phonogram.

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£11.65 unlocks Die’s second volume Split the Party, while £15.54 or more will get you The Wicked + The Divine’s entire nine-volume run - including the series’ set of deluxe behind-the-scenes extras - along with all three collected Phonogram volumes.

Also included in the full bundle are four volumes of Ludocrats, the colourful fantasy comic co-written by Gillen and Jim Rossignol, as well as McKelvie’s Suburban Glamour, anti-300 Spartan graphic novel Three - co-authored by Gillen and Ryan Kelly - and the McKelvie-illustrated Long Hot Summer. All in all, the bundle of digital comics is said to usually be worth more than $460.

A share of money from the bundle will benefit the Tegan and Sara Foundation, a charity supporting LGBTQ+ women and girls founded by the musicians. Like all Humble Bundles, those who purchase the bundle can choose how much of their money goes towards the charity and the publisher.

The Kieron Gillen & Jamie McKelvie Showcase Humble Comics bundle will be available until October 21st.

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