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A Mörk Borg card game looks to adapt the dark fantasy RPG

My! My! That crown is very brazen!

A card game based on the dark fantasy tabletop roleplaying game Mörk Borg is on its way.

Announced via a tweet from Long Tail Games, a studio that has previously released tabletop roleplaying game titles such as Sunderwald and Tiny Tome, A Brazen Crown will be a card game based on the TRPG Mörk Borg. Very few details are available about A Brazen Crown, with the title set to contain over 300 cards – including minion cards, loot cards and class cards – and a small collection of tokens. The card game will be “compatible” with Mörk Borg, suggesting that it may serve as a supplement or expansion to the tabletop RPG.

Mörk Borg is a fantasy tabletop roleplaying game originally released in 2020. The TRPG won several Ennie Awards – which are the highest accolade a tabletop roleplaying game can be awarded – including product of the year and best writing. In the game, players become heretics who have been outcast from wider society and now must find some form of purpose in a dark and desolate world.

Unlike many fantasy TRPGs – such as the popular Dungeons & Dragons 5E - Mörk Borg is not a game about enabling power fantasies or wish fulfillment, instead, it is a tabletop roleplaying game about finding peace in the inevitable destruction of the world. In Mörk Borg there is a clock that counts down towards the doom of humanity, with the player characters needing to search for redemption, pleasure or something else in the time they have remaining. The closer the clock gets to the end, the more terrible things become, with more powerful enemies and monsters spawning or disasters occurring.

There have already been several spin-off titles created or announced for Mörk Borg, including the sci-fi RPG Cy_Borg, which transforms the fantasy world of Mörk Borg into one influenced by cyberpunk and industrial music. In Cy_Borg, players become outcasts in a near-apocalyptic world in which corporations and capitalism have the people on its thumbs, with the characters needing to fight back against them.

Wheels shows off some of the most beautiful-looking RPGs out there.

Alternatively, Orc Borg – which was created by Grant Howitt, the designer behind the rules-light title Honey Hiest – sees players becoming space-faring orcs, whilst Pirate Borg is entirely focused around, well, being pirates.

The Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for A Brazen Crown is yet to receive a launch date, pledge amounts or estimated delivery dates.

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