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Blood Bowl’s Second Season Edition introduces a new team to the Warhammer fantasy football game

Pitch perfect.

Warhammer sports game spin-off Blood Bowl is receiving a new edition later this year, including new gameplay additions, new models and a brand new team.

Blood Bowl: Second Season Edition is the first major update for the fantasy football miniatures game since its 2016 reboot - which itself marked the first new edition in 15 years, although the game was kept alive by its passionate community in the intervening years.

In its announcement of the new edition, Games Workshop described it as “bigger, better, and 100% Blood Bowl”, outlining it as a polished and expanded version of the game rather than a complete overhaul.

While specifics are yet to be detailed, Second Season Edition is confirmed to include improvements to core rules such as passing, as well as rules for playing in an ongoing campaign or league, such as injuries, experience and star player points.

Alongside enhancements to existing gameplay, the upcoming release is said to introduce new rules that add “new tactical depth”.

Among the biggest additions is a brand new team, the aristocratic Imperial Nobility. The first models show nobles clad in feathers and impressive facial hair, including star player Griff Oberwald - a legend of Blood Bowl lore - who has joined the Bögenhafen Barons, one of several Imperial Nobility factions.

Blood Bowl: Second Season Edition is due for release later in 2020, with an exact launch date and pricing to be announced.

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