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Blood Rage: Digital Edition has a release date on PC


Blood Rage, the Viking predecessor to Rising Sun and upcoming board game Ankh: Gods of Egypt, is coming to PC with a digital board game release later this month.

Designed by Eric Lang, Blood Rage sees two to four players competing to win the favour of their chosen Norse god in order to ascend to Valhalla or face death from destruction of Ragnarök. Choosing from a selection of fearsome Viking clans, players can command their warriors in battle to secure lands in Midgard, grow the strength of their clan’s stats, pillage to acquire resources or fulfill quests to gain special rewards.

At the start of each round, players will be drafted a ‘Gods’ Gifts’ card which will grant them certain benefits or bonuses depending upon which Norse deity granted it. For example, Thor’s cards offer rewards to players for winning battles, Heimdall provides foresight for strategy, Tyr helps players win battles and Loki often rewards the loser. The cards players receive often dictate which means of gaining glory points they decide to pursue and offer an insight into their strategy.

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Considered by many one of the best board games released in the last decade, Blood Rage was the first instalment in Lang’s ‘mythic trilogy’ of board games, ahead of the Japan-inspired Rising Sun and upcoming board game release Ankh: Gods of Egypt.

Blood Rage: Digital Edition translates the tabletop original into a video game with fully rendered 3D models of the various miniatures - including the mythical monsters players can control - and an animated version of the board. All the mechanics from the board game appear to be included in the digital board game, alongside the Blood Rage: 5th Player Expansion.

Players can challenge AI opponents solo or face-off in local or online multiplayer modes, including Blood Rage ELO rankings and leaderboard.

Asmodee Digital is the publisher behind the digital board game version of Blood Rage, having worked with video game developer Exozet. The original tabletop version of Blood Rage was published by CMON, which also released Rising Sun, Ankh and other titles such as horror board game Zombicide and is set to launch the upcoming board game Marvel United, co-designed by Lang.

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As well as the mythic trilogy, Lang has designed horror board game Cthulhu: Death May Die and video game board game XCOM: The Board Game.

Ankh: Gods of Egypt, the final entry in the mythic trilogy, was recently funded on Kickstarter, having collected over $3 million in under a month. In an interview with Dicebreaker, Lang described Ankh as being “simpler than Blood Rage” but “a little more subtle” than the previous mythic games.

The digital board game version of Blood Rage will release on Steam on May 27th, at a retail price of £15.49.

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