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Brass: Birmingham designer says next sequel aiming for Kickstarter in late 2024

Roxley designer Gavan Brown says the as-yet-unnamed board game is their “current top priority”.

Corner shot of board from Brass: Birmingham
Image credit: Gavan Brown/Roxley

Fans of smog and meeples, rejoice: the minds behind the industrialism-minded Brass board game series say their next entry should hit Kickstarter later this year.

Brass: Birmingham released in 2018, the creation of designers Gavan Brown, Matt Tolman and Martin Wallace and published by Canadian outfit Roxley. Itself a sequel to Wallace’s 2007 board game Brass (later re-released as Brass: Lancanshire), this title boasted more complex interaction and expanded its focus from cotton production to the wider industrialisation of the UK during the 18th and 19th century.

Brass: Birmingham was a hit with players and critics, pulling down more than a dozen awards in several categories from 2018 to 2020. Tables that relished deep engine-building, strategising around an ever-changing market and sessions bifurcated between the canal era and railway eras vaunted its design and have kept it in high regard over the past five years - it even dethroned Gloomhaven as BoardGameGeek’s number one title last year.

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Understandably, demand for Another Brass Game has simmered at a low boil for a while, and antsy fans sometimes take to forums or social media to vainly ask after any news to quell their hunger. On January 16th, Brown deigned to answer one of those queries with a small update on Roxly’s development plans for the coming year.

“We are not ready to share quite yet but our next Brass sequel is our current top priority for development in 2024,” Brown said in response to a BGG forum poster. “It is slated to be our next Kickstarter, which we plan to launch Q4 2024. The exact launch date will depend on rate of development and testing. Thanks for your patience!”

Roxly’s last full title brough to Kickstarter was 2022’s architecture auction game, Skyrise. The publisher then releases a deluxe upgrade and cooperative expansion to Santorini, but now it seems their collective heads are down on what will likely be a more heady design. Brown announced the existence of a sequel way back in 2021 (also in a BGG forum response), so development on Brass’ next board game might be right on schedule for a late 2024 crowdfunding run and mid-to-late 2025 launch.

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