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Catan digital is coming to Playstation and Xbox consoles

Building settlements on the sofa.

A digital board game version of the classic tabletop title Catan is coming to Playstation and Xbox consoles.

In a news post on the website for Dovetail Games - the developer for the upcoming digital board game - it was revealed that a video game version of Catan, the board game about building a civilisation on an island that was initially called Settlers of Catan, is being released on certain Playstation and Xbox consoles. The consoles receiving Catan digital will be the Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X and S.

Details surrounding the title’s gameplay remain unclear, with the news post referencing several recognisable aspects of the tabletop original, such as settlements; cities; resources and roads, but not how they will exactly manifest in the digital version of Catan created by Dovetail.

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Besides the upcoming video game version of Catan, Dovetail has also created various digital simulation games including Train Simulator 2022 and Train Sim World 2, alongside multiple fishing simulator video games like The Catch: Carp & Coarse and Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour. Dovetail is partnering with Asmodee Entertainment, a branch of the tabletop gaming giant Asmodee which owns several notable studios such as Ticket to Ride publisher Days of Wonder, the company behind horror board game Arkham Horror - Fantasy Flight Games - and Catan Studios itself.

The original tabletop version of Catan - which was created by Klaus Teuber, who also designed the set collection card game Hoity Toity and the Medieval themed board game Domaine - is a beginner board game for three to four players that takes place on a newly settled island. During the game, players compete to establish and develop their own civilisations by placing settlements, building cities and laying down roads across the island. Each section of the island is randomly assigned a number, which when rolled, with the player who owns a settlement or city on that space getting the relevant resources.

If players require particular resources that they don’t have access to via their settlements and cities, then they can attempt to barter with their opponents to get them. By building settlements, cities and roads - as well as purchasing development cards - players will acquire victory points. Whichever player gets the required number of victory points first is named the winner of the game.

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Other digital versions of Catan include Catan Universe - a free video game featuring in-game apps that enables players to challenge each other to sessions of Catan on PC, iOS and Android - Catan VR, a virtual reality specific version of the tabletop game, and Catan for Nintendo Switch.

The release date for Catan on Playstation and Xbox consoles, as well as the retail price, is yet to be confirmed.

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