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Catan is coming to Nintendo Switch, season pass announced for Xbox and Playstation editions

Expansions arriving in near future.

The video game version of Catan is coming to the Nintendo Switch sometime in the next six months.

Based on the classic family board game, Catan – Console Edition sees players competing against their friends, random people online and artificial intelligence players, in a race to be the first to collect 10 victory points.

Adapted from the 1995 tabletop title designed by Klaus Teuber, who passed away earlier this year, Catan – Console Edition enables up to four people to play against each other via a digital recreation of the game board. The goal of the digital board game is to gather resources needed to construct settlements, cities and roads, as well as raise armies and develop other aspects of a player’s civilisation. Players can collect resources if the resource dice land on a number that corresponds with any of the hexes their settlements are placed in, alternatively, players can attempt to trade with each other.

In an update from the developer behind Catan – Console Edition – Dovetail Games – it was revealed that the video game would be coming to the Nintendo Switch, with the title having already been released for both the Xbox Series X/S and PS5.

According to Dovetail, the Nintendo Switch version of Catan – Console Edition is currently in a playable state but is not ready for footage to be released of it just yet. Apparently, players of the Nintendo Switch video game will be able to compete online with opponents playing Catan – Console Edition via their Xbox Series X/S and PS5 consoles. The finished title is set to arrive sometime in the next three to six months.

Besides announcing a Nintendo Switch version of Catan – Console Edition, Dovetail’s update also revealed that a season pass for the Xbox Series X/S and PS5 versions of the game is coming. The season pass will allow players to pay upfront for the promise of future additional content for Catan – Console Edition, rather than paying for each expansion as it is released.

The season pass for Catan – Console Edition will include three separate content packs: each one themed around a specific season of the year. The first pack to be released for the game will be the Reap & Sow: Fall Content Pack, which will contain “Halloween-inspired content.” Following this will be the Ice & Snow: Winter Content Pack and then the Bloom & Grow: Spring Content Pack afterwards.

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Other upcoming content arriving for the digital board game is The Helpers Expansion – which adds a collection of 12 helper characters who grant player special abilities – on July 20th, as well as a free expansion that enables up to six players to compete in the same game and the Longest Road: Content, both of which will be arriving in the next three to six plus months.

An expansion based on the tabletop expansion Cities & Knights - which will see players recruiting bands of knights to help protect their settlements and cities against barbarians in a co-op game-esque experience – is currently in development for Catan – Console Edition and will not arrive for at least six months.

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