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Roguelike RPG Children of Morta gets a cooperative board game where strength is thick as blood

The family that slays together stays together.

Children of Morta: The Board Game art
Image credit: Roomiz Games/Dead Mage

Popular roguelike video game Children of Morta will get a board game adaptation that transforms its action RPG gameplay into a cooperative struggle against corruption where success hinges on the combined strength of the whole family.

Children of Morta: The Board Game will launch a Kickstarter campaign in spring of this year, hoping to crowdfunding a version of the 2019 video game from Dead Mage and 11 Bit Studios. Debut tabletop studio Roomiz Games is handling the translation. One to four players will work together as members of the Bergson family, combating a monstrous, creeping corruption that threatens their homeland and very livelihood.

Sessions will last about 45 minutes and, much like the video game, position players against an endless horde of twisted creatures that have infested seemingly every corner of the land of Rea. As they progress, each member of the family will invest earned experience towards improving the existing skills and unlocking new ones. But that experience might be better spent strengthening the bond between family members, which is represented by a bag-building mechanic shared between every player.

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The Bergson family shares in their losses and grief as much as their successes. Rage is a pooled resource that any member of the family can add to or funnel into strengthening their individual actions, but the designers have noted that careful and strategic control of rage is key to overcoming difficult challenges.

Where players are sitting at the table may unlock unique tasks and reward support tokens through a particular support system based on which members of the family are next to each other. Over the course of several sessions, that closeness will flower into a special bond that transforms the solitary members into an undefeatable duo.

Children of Morta: The Board Game art
Image credit: Roomiz Games/Dead Mage

"We are thrilled to bring the rich, immersive experience of 'Children of Morta' to the tabletop community,” said Amir Salamati, founder of Roomiz Games. “This game is a testament to our commitment to creating deep, meaningful experiences for players, and we can’t wait for everyone to join the Bergson family on their journey.”

Children of Morta: The Board Game’s Kickstarter campaign will launch later this spring, though the designers at Roomiz Games didn’t give us a specific date in their press release. This upcoming board game joins a host of other video games trading action and graphics for a more tactical, thoughtful representation on the table.

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