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Beat the superpowered streets of neo-noir RPG City of Mist on the cheap with latest Bundle of Holding

Includes everything needed to explore a city full of secrets, magical or otherwise.

The latest Bundle of Holding offers both sourcebooks for the detective-meets-urban myth RPG City of Mist, plus a collection of maps and starter adventures, for roughly $20. Several additional cases, player options and a soundtrack of background music is also available, all in digital formats

City of Mists released in 2017 following a successful Kickstarter campaign from Son of Oak Studio that promised a world of legends and myths living alongside the more mundane aspects of life in a shadowy metropolitan city, influenced in part by comic book Fables both in its artistic presentation and narrative leanings.

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Players interested in exploring City of Mist’s seedy alleys and dark corners can pick up the All-Seeing Eye starter set and both the player’s guide and MC toolkit for $19.95 (£14.47). The starter set is designed to introduce a group to the setting and the RPG’s ruleset, which is built using Powered by the Apocalypse’s popular engine also seen in titles such as Voidheart Symphony, Armour Astir and the upcoming Avatar Legends RPG. It also comes with pregenerated characters and the “Shark Tank” introductory case.

The core rulebooks dives deeper into advanced rules and character options that will be necessary for playing beyond the starter set’s sandbox, as well as detailing the narrative-forward design of City of Mist’s signature Cinematic Moves. The MC Toolkit contains plenty of tools, knobs and levers for creating homebrewed cases and linking them togethering into a larger campaign. It will also coach MCs through more advanced tips and lessons to use during play.

Also included in the starter collection are ten illustrated maps of locations pulled from across City of Mist’s world that groups can use in virtual tabletops such as Roll20 or simply as a reference during play. A PDF MC screen tucks the most relevant rules, tables and stats into a three-panel sheet.

Those who purchase above the threshold price of $30.86 (£22.38) will be able to access several additional PDF offerings, including the collection of expanded player options in If Dreams Could Kill and the three-case story arc told within The Personal Vein.

Sourcebooks detail City of Mist’s council of powerful and enigmatic avatars running the show from behind a veil of obfuscation and influence and introduce groups to three new distinct districts with their own tenuous power structures, cultures and dangerous urban legends.

All told, the City of Mist Bundle of Holding is said to be worth around $160, with the deal running until September 20th. A tenth of all proceeds generated from the collection will be donated to Direct Relief, an organization that delivers protective gear and medications to US and Canadian health facilities, along with global agencies responding to crises.

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