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City of Mist, the gorgeous tabletop RPG about modern-day myths, has a new starter set

Origin story.

City of Mist, the RPG that combines noir detective stories with fantasy myths and legends, is getting a new beginner-friendly starter box.

The tabletop RPG sees players control everyday inhabitants of a modern-day city who discover hidden superhero-like abilities inspired by classic mythology and fairy tales.

Influenced by graphic novels and comic books such as Fables, City of Mist blends together dark noir mysteries and its gritty urban setting with the fantastical elements of legends, myths and fantasy. It has a beautiful comic book style to suit, with Wheels recently picking the game as one of the most beautiful RPGs of all time.

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City of Mist runs on the Powered by the Apocalypse engine also used in games such as Monster of the Week, with players choosing 12 tags in addition to eight universal actions - covering general abilities such as fighting and investigating - to create their character and define their personality and abilities. The more of these tags used by a player to describe a character’s actions, the greater the outcome’s effect.

The City of Mist Starter Box will include a step-by-step guide to learning how to play the RPG, featuring basic rules for both the players and the GM - referred to in-game as the Master of Ceremonies, or MC.

The set includes five pre-generated player characters inspired by Aztec, Japanese, German, Sumerian and Biblical legends, detailed in character folios.

A scenario guide is also included, centred on the investigation of a mafia racketing plot in a local area of the city. Seven maps of locations featured in the introductory Shark Tank scenario are included, along with various tokens and cards for keeping track of story effects, damage and other aspects. Two dice are also included in the physical set.

City of Mist publisher Son of Oak has announced that the physical Starter Box will be released in time for this year’s Black Friday on November 27th, priced at $35. A digital PDF version is available now with an RRP of $20.

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