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Trail of Cthulhu, City of Mist and Wanderhome featured in Ukraine RPG charity bundles

Supporting Doctors Without Borders.

Several tabletop roleplaying games including Trail of Cthulhu, City of Mist and Wanderhome are included in a collection of RPG bundles for charity.

Featured on the Drivethru RPG website – a store for people to buy digital versions of tabletop RPGs – the bundle collection is in aid of the Doctors Without Borders non-for-profit organisation that is currently one of many charities supporting the victims of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. All proceeds for the four bundles will be going to Doctors Without Borders, with players able to donate directly to the nonprofit organisation via the Drivethru RPG website.

The Doctors Without Borders Mega Bundle 1 – which features $203 (£154) worth of stuff for $25 (£19) - includes the likes of Trail of Cthulhu, a horror TRPG that has players becoming supernatural investigators during the 1930s. In Trail of Cthulhu, players must search for clues to various mysteries surrounding the arrival of the Old Ones, eldritch beings that seek to control and destroy humanity. Also included in the Mega Bundle 1 is the Player’s Guide for City of Mist, a roleplaying game set in a world where superheroes and villains fight one another. Other notable inclusions in the bundle are the post-apocalyptic Monsterpunk, D&D 5E inspired Chivalry & Sorcery and the sci-fi RPG Sabre: Second Edition.

Mega Bundle 2 in the collection, containing $257 (£195) worth of content for $25 (£19), features RPGs such as the quaint and relaxing Wanderhome, a GM-less RPG that has players becoming a group of animals making their way through a peaceful land one adventure at a time. The sci-fi roleplaying game based on the Forged in the Dark system, CBR+PNK, is included in the bundle, alongside the dark fantasy RPG Blood and Bone and the Great British Bake-off inspired Ready Set Bake.

Found in the Mega Bundle 3 – which includes an amount of content worth $137 (£104) for $20 (£15) - has an RPG built on John Harper’s Blades in the Dark, but with a weird western twist, called A Fistful of Darkness. Other games featured in the bundle are Wicked Ones: Deluxe Edition, a Forged in the Dark roleplaying game focused around a group of monsters who are building their own dungeon, and several supplements such as Undead at Every Size – a supplement featuring ideas around zombified enemies – and The Wonderous Tome of Wands, a book containing all sorts of magical items.

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For players specifically interested in supplements for D&D 5E, there is also a Doctors Without Borders bundle containing exactly that currently available for $20 (£15) but holding $182 (£138) worth of stuff. Found inside the D&D 5E supplement bundle are the likes of the Handimonsters Annual 2022 – containing a collection of unique monsters for games masters to include in their sessions – a book that introduces the Warden class and the Savage Company Campaign Setting for D&D 5E, bringing the vehicle-heavy world to the popular fantasy RPG.

Alongside the Drivethru RPG bundles, players can also support the International Medical Corps and Voices of Children non-for-profit organisations currently helping out in Ukraine by getting a charity bundle found on, which contains over 1000 games, books and other items.

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