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Cowboys and creepy creatures collide in another sourcebook for the Deadlands RPG

Prepare for Hell on the High Plains.

A new sourcebook for Deadlands: The Weird West, a tabletop RPG set in an alternative universe where the supernatural collides with the frontier, is being released.

Called Hell on the High Plains, the roleplaying game sourcebook adds a collection of content to Deadlands, including several new locations to explore and threats to face. Six different locations are featured in Hell on the High Plains, each one providing a fresh adventure for players to experience. Players can choose to take the Denver-Pacific line in order to cross over a steep drop called the Durango Spur. A tad risky at the best of times, the Durango Spur may be home to more than just echoing screams of the vultures circling its depths, which the players will have to deal with whilst travelling on a very fast-moving train.

Alternatively, players can take a trip to the town of Deadwood, a shifty place populated by outlaws ready to pull their guns on anyone who just looks at them funny. Otherwise, there’s the locomotive graveyard in Kansas, filled with the remains of busted trains and the nests of ferociously hungry blood buzzards waiting for their next meal. Should the players decide to visit Montana, they’ll find themselves scaling up its vast mountain ranges, which also happen to contain several Ghost Rock mines – a resource that’s both incredibly valuable and dangerous to handle. Exploring Nebraska could mean diving into its waters to discover its secrets, whilst venturing into Wyoming risks players coming across its notorious Devil’s Tower.

Deadlands: Weird West - Hell on the High Plains artwork

Alongside the 192-page sourcebook, backers who pledge for the Hell on the High Plains will also receive a selection of archetype cards that provide players and games masters with ideas for creating characters for their various Deadlands campaigns, such as which points to put into their various skills and what kind of equipment they can handle on their adventures in the weird west.

The Hell on the High Plains sourcebook is set to be published by Pinnacle Entertainment Group, the studio responsible for releasing the Deadlands RPG, as well as the Savage Worlds roleplaying game system that Deadlands is based on, alongside a sci-fi RPG called Rifts and an Appalachian apocalypse-themed roleplaying game Called Holler. Pinnacle has also worked alongside Paizo to release a crossover title between the popular fantasy RPG, Pathfinder, and Savage Worlds.

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Deadlands is a horror tabletop roleplaying game set in alternative lay 19th century wherein the western frontier of the USA was breached by a rift, which saw the invasion of hellish forces from beyond. This, alongside the discovery of a powerful resource called Ghost Rock, saw the country dramatically change into a world in which ordinary people are threatened by extraordinary creatures, with gunslingers and magic-users – called hucksters – do their best to stand against the tide of evil.

The Kickstarter campaign for Hell on the High Plains is live until March 2nd, with a pledge of $40 (£30) getting backers a physical copy of the sourcebook in October. Alternatively, a digital version is available for a pledge of $20 (£15).

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