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Doctor Who RPG bundle includes enough books to fill a TARDIS for £15

A dozen Doctors, plus more.

You can currently grab the Doctor Who tabletop RPG - including no fewer than a dozen Doctors and a wealth of monsters and adventures - for around £15 as part of a new bundle.

Originally released as Doctor Who: Adventures in Time And Space in 2009, during the David Tennant era of the long-running British sci-fi TV show, the Doctor Who RPG has seen a number of new releases and updates in the decade-plus since to keep it in line with the regenerating Time Lord.

The bundle of books on offer via Humble Bundle runs up to Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor, who appears on the front of the latest rulebook released for Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game’s first edition. (A complete second edition of the Doctor Who RPG was released last year starring Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor, but isn’t included in this bundle.)

As well as the core rulebook featuring the Twelfth Doctor, the Doctor Who RPG bundle includes sourcebooks for every previous Doctor, running the gamut from William Hartnell’s 1960s First Doctor through to Capaldi’s predecessor, played by Matt Smith.

Alongside the core rules, the bundle includes the Gamemaster’s Companion for GMs looking to run Doctor Who RPG sessions, a selection of adventures, and multiple bestiarys and sourcebooks delving into the various aliens, baddies and organisations of the Whoniverse.

In total, publisher Cubicle 7’s Humble Bundle includes 27 books for the Doctor Who RPG in a digital PDF format, said to usually be worth over £450.

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The bundle is offering the lot for just over £15 at the time of writing, with the option to bring down the price to grab just a scattering of the older core rulebooks and sourcebooks.

As with all Humble Bundles, a split of the pay-what-you-want price will go toward charity - in this case, BBC Children in Need. As usual, the default donation split favours the publisher and Humble itself, but can be adjusted freely under the ‘Adjust Donation’ tab.

The Doctor Who RPG Humble Bundle will be available until next Thursday, September 29th.

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