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Dragon Age tabletop RPG features in fantasy-themed Bundle of Holding deal

Not a blight on your budget.

Step into the world of Thedas for a discounted price with a Bundle of Holding that features multiple tabletop roleplaying games, including Fantasy Age and the Dragon Age RPG.

The Dragon Age & Fantasy Age Bundle of Holding provides players with a more affordable way of experiencing a variety of roleplaying games based on the AGE system created by Green Ronin Publishing.

The Starter Collection for the bundle, which is priced at $9.95 (£7.50), features six pieces of content designed for Fantasy Age, including the game’s Basic Rulebook - which has everything players need to create their own characters and begin playing - as well as a Game Master’s Kit that contains the information that GMs require to create stories for players to explore.

Also featured in the Starter Collection is a Bestiary for Fantasy Age, providing tools for the GM to inject their campaigns with all sorts of creatures, and three different story encounters, including a side quest called Children’s Crusade - that has players stumbling across a group of kids being harrassed by bandits - and a tale about an innocent knight facing an unjust sentence titled Drive for Justice.

For $24.40 (£17.91) buyers can get all of the above as well as six additional titles, including the Core Rulebook for the Dragon Age Tabletop RPG, which contains all rules found in the original release of the fantasy roleplaying game, along with extra content. With the Core Rulebook, players can begin to experience their own adventures in the world made famous via the video game series, as well as play through an included campaign titled Duty Unto Death that sees the players becoming newly recruited Grey Wardens.

Alongside the Core Rulebook, buyers can get Blood in Ferelden - a set of three different adventures for players to explore - and the Game Master’s Kit for the Dragon Age RPG, enabling them to start making their own plots in the continent of Thedas.

Dragon Age Roleplaying Game artwork 2

The Bonus Collection comes with a separate setting designed for the Fantasy Age roleplaying game called Titansgrave: The Ashes of Valkana. This setting is based on the video series hosted by actor and writer Wil Wheaton and focuses on a world filled with both high fantasy and high-tech elements. Players will be able to star in their own adventures in Valkana using the PDF featured in the Bonus Collection.

Besides Fantasy Age, the Dragon Age RPG and Titansgrave: The Ashes of Valkana, Green Ronin has created other roleplaying games based on the AGE system such as The Expanse Roleplaying Game - adapted from the same sci-fi book series as the Amazon Prime television show - and the sci-fi RPG Modern Age.

The Dragon Age & Fantasy Age Bundle of Holding is available until February 22nd, with 10% of proceeds being donated to the Direct Relief charity - a non-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing support during the current pandemic.

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