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Dune: Imperium Digital lets the spice flow on mobile and Xbox as it exits early access on PC tomorrow

Arrakeen to take a look?

Image credit: Dire Wolf Digital

Dune: Imperium, the board game hybrid of deckbuilding cardplay and worker-placement management set in the spicy sci-fi universe, will see a full digital release tomorrow. The app’s arrival on mobile devices and Xbox consoles accompanies its PC port exiting early access.

Dune: Imperium Digital first brought designer Paul Dennen’s race for victory points as the likes of Paul Atreides and Baron Harkonnen, building up your unique deck of resource and action cards to send out agents, command troops and collect valuable spice, to PC last year.

By using their cards carefully to sway the political factions of the Duniverse for advantages and outdo their opponents in fights for additional rewards at the end of each round, players advance their way to a winning 10 victory points.

Since its early access launch four months ago, developer Dire Wolf - which also published the board game - has released updates to improve the game’s user interface, AI opponents and match length, along with overall stability, running a series of online tournaments ahead of the app’s full release.

March 13th - that’s tomorrow! - will see Dune: Imperium Digital full exit Steam early access on PC, as well as arriving on mobile for iOS and Android devices, and on Xbox consoles.

Image credit: Dire Wolf Digital

Imperium was recently succeeded by a standalone spin-off to the Dune game, Dune: Imperium - Uprising, which expands its predecessor's gameplay with the addition of sandworms and spies, as well as support for up to six players in a new team mode. Uprising is yet to be announced for its own digital adaptation.

In our Dune: Imperium review, George found the original board game to be an ultimately satisfying blend of different gameplay ideas, writing: “If you want a game that really excels at any one part of Dune: Imperium’s mélange à trois, you should look elsewhere. But if, like me, you tend to avoid more traditional conflict-light economic games, it might be the perfect way to sneak a bit of worker-placement into your collection.”

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