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Get Fate Core, Fate of Cthulhu and more RPGs for less in Bundle of Holding deal

It’s fated to happen.

Create your own adventures or become immersed in one of many different settings at a discount with the Fate Worlds and Toolkits Bundle.

A Bundle of Holding deal focused on the Fate RPG, players interested in exploring the game and its various attached settings can begin their journey for less with two available tiers.

The Toolkit Collection, which costs $9.95 (£7), will unlock access to a digital PDF version of the Fate Core rulebook, thereby enabling players and games masters to create characters, adventures and play the setting-agnostic RPG - meaning that the game does not have an official setting. Alongside the Fate Core rulebook, this tier also includes digital versions of the Accelerated and Condensed Fate rulebooks, which provide smaller and more accessible editions of the roleplaying game to get newer players started.

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On top of the three rulebooks, players will gain access to the five rules expansions found in the Fate Toolkit, which provides rules to help GMs to create campaigns and one-shots in a variety of different settings, including Horror and Space. Debuting within the Fate Worlds and Toolkits Bundle is the Fate Accessibility Toolkit, a book co-created by a team assembled from disabled communities which provides both GMs and players with guidance on how to support players with disabilities and create characters who have disabilities.

For $35.90 (£26), players can get everything already mentioned as well as the Fate Worlds Compendium, which contains 57 additional games and supplements. The Worlds Compendium tier features the horror RPG Fate of Cthulhu, which combines the lore and atmosphere of the Cthulhu mythos with the Fate Core System to provide players with a tense and terrifying experience. In addition, players will also acquire access to the sci-fi inspired Tachyon Squadron series and the 45 settings books found in the Fate of Worlds Adventure Line, which includes a collection of ready-to-play campaigns that span a whole host of different tones and styles.

Fate Core is a roleplaying game designed to provide GMs and players with the freedom to create their own stories within their own world. The Gold Ennie award winning RPG was co-created by Leonard Balsera, Brian Engard, Jeremy Keller, Ryan Macklin and Mike Olson in 2003, with its latest edition - Fourth Edition - being funded via a successful Kickstarter Campaign in 2013. In the game, players create characters who are good at a certain collection of skills, but mediocre in others, and can use those skills to perform various actions - depending on what they’re trying to do.

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Evil Hat Productions, the studio responsible for releasing RPGs such as Blades in the Dark and Monster of the Week, is the publisher behind the Fate Core system and titles like Fate of Cthulhu.

The Fate Worlds and Toolkits Bundle is available until August 10th, with ten percent of the proceeds being donated to Direct Relief - a non-for-profit organisation that seeks to provide protective gear and medications to health workers and facilities around the world.

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