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Gloomhaven and Frosthaven apps coming from Chronicles of Crime studio

Vermlings go virtual.

Image credit: Cephalofair Games.

The studio responsible for releasing the Chronicles of Crime board game – Lucky Duck Games – has announced that it will be creating companion apps for both Gloomhaven and Frosthaven.

In an email from Lucky Duck, it was revealed that the publisher would be developing apps designed to work with the dungeon-crawler board games Gloomhaven and the upcoming sequel Frosthaven. The companion app for Frosthaven will be the first to be launched and will enable players to more easily keep tabs on their characters’ progress throughout the game.

During games of Frosthaven, players will likely find themselves getting into combat scenarios with a variety of intimidating enemies. In the tabletop game, players need to track a collection of information from their characters’ health totals to those of the enemy, alongside details like active status effects. Beyond this, players also have to remember turn order – which is determined by the initiative number listed on the first card chosen by each character – and what modifier cards they’ve drawn on their attack.

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The app being created by Lucky Duck will allow players to manage all of the above information – on top of the various objectives they’ll have to complete for every scenario – via a companion app which will attempt to “streamline” the Frosthaven combat experience by providing everything in one place. Once the Frosthaven app has been launched, Lucky Duck will reportedly be working on an app that’s compatible with Gloomhaven that will “bring everything under one roof,” and provide Gloomhaven players with the same streamlined experience.

Lucky Duck Games is a publisher that has previously released several app-assisted board games such as the aforementioned Chronicles of Crime – a detective game that has players working together to solve a variety of cases – as well as Destinies, a fantasy game with a heavy emphasis on narrative. The studio has an upcoming horror game called The Dark Quarter set to arrive sometime this October, after a successful Kickstarter campaign that ran last month.

Frosthaven is a co-op game that has players taking on various different roles within a party of adventurers who have found themselves in the frozen outpost of Frosthaven. Set within a fantasy world – one that also played host to Gloomhaven – Frosthaven has players embarking on quests for both their own gain and to assist the unfortunate citizens of the outpost who, more often than not, find themselves in danger of monster attack. In combat, players simultaneously select two cards to play from their deck, with each one listing a bottom and top action.

Gloomhaven strategy board game gameplay layout

On their go, players need to choose a bottom and a top action, before the used cards are discarded. Players can choose to rest to recover their discarded cards but must remove one from their deck for the remainder of the scenario to do so. If players ever run out of cards, their character is exhausted and can no longer act in that scenario. Gloomhaven and Frosthaven were both created by Isaac Childres and published by Cephalofair Games.

There is currently no launch date set for either the Frosthaven or Gloomhaven app.

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