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Play Gloomhaven Digital alone with new solo scenarios DLC

There’s definitely an i in Inox.

A new downloadable expansion for Gloomhaven Digital will enable players to experience the game alone.

Solo Scenarios – Mercenary Challenges is an upcoming piece of downloadable content for Gloomhaven Digital that will allow players to explore dungeons with a single character.

Whilst the original digital board game does include a mode for a single player, the player is still required to take control of multiple characters due to the way that the video game is designed and balanced. However, Solo Scenarios will enable players to experience Gloomhaven digital in a unique mode that is specifically intended to support just one character.

The DLC will feature 17 different missions for players to complete in a solo game mode, with every mission being designed around a certain mercenary found in the video game. Each mission will offer its own reward but will also challenge players to master the strengths and weaknesses of whichever mercenary they must control, providing a useful lesson on how to use all of the playable characters. A new item will also be included in every mission and will be tailored to the mercenary being used in that scenario.

A screenshot for the Solo Scenarios DLC for Gloomhaven Digital

Players will be able to play through each character’s scenario once they reach level five within a main story campaign. Any items that are used can then be unlocked within the Guildmaster in that player’s story campaign. Players will also be able to use characters from a multiplayer campaign in the Solo Scenarios DLC, before importing that freshly mastered character back into the same multiplayer campaign.

The Solo Scenarios DLC for Gloomhaven Digital is based on an existing expansion released for the original physical version of Gloomhaven. However, Gloomhaven’s creator, Isaac Childres, has reworked and rebalanced the scenarios found in the initial expansion to better fit the digital version of the board game.

Gloomhaven Digital is a video game based on the co-op board game that has players taking control of a party of mercenaries who take on various jobs in order to get paid and potentially do some good. Throughout the game the players will be venturing into various dungeons and fighting a myriad of enemies using the abilities and skills specific to their chosen character. Players simultaneously choose two cards to play every round, selecting a top or bottom action from each card.

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Once a card has been used it is discarded, unless the chosen action displays a burn icon – meaning that the card is removed from the character’s deck for that mission. Players are able to perform rests in order to regain their discarded cards but will have to burn one in order to do so. Once players are out of cards to play, their character becomes exhausted and cannot continue the mission. The players win if they are able to complete the objectives of their mission before becoming exhausted or being killed.

Gloomhaven Digital was developed by Flaming Fowl Studios – the studio behind the new DLC – and published by Asmodee Digital. The original Gloomhaven board game was published by Cephalofair Games.

The Solo Scenarios – Mercenary Challenges DLC for Gloomhaven Digital is set to be released on September 22nd and requires players have the base video game to be played.

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