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7 Wonders and Just One studio reveals newest co-op party board game

Fact attack.

The studio behind 7 Wonders and Just One, Repos Production, has revealed its next co-op party board game.

Part of a line of party games that includes the aforementioned Just One – which was awarded the Spiel des Jahres, the highest accolade a board game can have, in 2019 – and last year’s So Clover!, Fun Facts sees players working together to figure out the answers to questions about each other. Designed to support from four to eight people, Fun Facts challenges its players to consider their answers in relation to the other people at the table, with the aim being to put them in the correct order.

As a co-op board game, Fun Facts requires players to review what they know about each other and trust that their fellow players will be able to figure out what they’re thinking. Each round begins with a question being drawn and placed in the middle of the table. One example provided by the publisher is “How long is the perfect nap?”. Players then secretly pen their answer on one side of the arrow that matches their player colour, before writing their name on the other side.

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When everyone has given their answer, they then place their arrow in a line – with the position being determined by what they think everyone else playing has answered. For instance, a player might think that someone else’s definition of a good nap is longer than theirs and so will place their answer behind that player’s. Once everyone has placed their arrows down in the order they think is correct, players’ answers are revealed. For every arrow that is in the incorrect place – is too high or too low – it is removed, with each arrow representing a victory point.

The players then note down their collective score by adding up all the remaining arrows, before continuing on with a new round and a new question. At the end of eight rounds, the group’s score is tallied and recorded in the game’s scorebook, with the aim being to earn the highest total possible.

Fun Facts was designed by Kasper Lapp, the creator of the board game for kids Magic Maze – that has players working together to navigate a labyrinth to gather treasure and escape – and Gods Love Dinosaurs, a board game about designing an ecosystem of prehistoric creatures to inhabit their planet.

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Besides 7 Wonders, Just One, So Clover! and Fun Facts, Repos Production is responsible for releasing the two-player spin-off 7 Wonders Duel and Concept, a tabletop title about trying to communicate ideas using just images.

Fun Facts is yet to get a release date or retail price, with the game set to be available for preview at the Essen Spiel 2022 convention next month.

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