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“There are chances” of a Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion-esque version of Frosthaven

With potential new stuff coming from Gloomhaven creator.

The front cover of Gloomhaven: Second Edition.
Image credit: Cephalofair Games

A small version of Frosthaven, similar to Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion, might be coming in the near-future, according to the game’s designer, Isaac Childres.

The co-designers behind the upcoming board game Gloomhaven: Second Edition – Childres, Drew Penn and Dennis Vögele - responded to various questions from the general public in an AMA, Ask Me Anything, post on Reddit.

One Reddit user, sumihazaBR, asked whether there would be any chance of a “Frosthaven small version like [Gloomhaven] Jaws of the Lion?” Childres responded to the question under the Reddit username for Cephalofair games, the publisher behind the series, with the answer: “There are chances, yes.” Childres didn’t provide any additional details on the possible tabletop title via the Reddit post.

Cover image for YouTube video
Cephalofair provide an gameplay overview of Gloomhaven: Second Edition.

Jaws of the Lion is a spin-off board game in the Gloomhaven series that provides a more simplified experience compared with the original Gloomhaven. Rather than having players build environments using tiles and terrain pieces, Jaws of the Lion has players using a book of maps – with more straightforward gameplay rules too.

When asked whether the team had any regrets about Frosthaven, Vögele responded that though it wasn’t a “regret,” but “it’s fair to say that Frosthaven’s increased complexity is not something everyone wants.” The co-designer followed up that whilst designed Gloomhaven: Second Edition, the team “really wanted to ensure,” that they didn’t “increase the complexity to match Frosthaven’s.”

However, at the same time they were aware that “the original Gloomhaven was criticised for having too many ‘kill all enemies’ scenarios,” so the design team attempted to “strike a middle ground,” so that players who preferred Gloomhaven’s approach to complexity “will not be disappointed.”

Cover image for YouTube video
A playthrough of the Gloomhaven Roleplaying Game run and played by Cephalofair.

Gloomhaven: Second Edition was revealed earlier this month and is currently featured in a crowdfunding campaign on Backerkit that will run until July 20th. Featured alongside Gloomhaven: Second Edition is the upcoming tabletop roleplaying game based in the world of Gloomhaven – Gloomhaven: Roleplaying Game – and a set of miniatures designed to be used alongside various entries in the series.

In Gloomhaven: Second Edition, players become a team of adventurers completing quests by achieving specific mission objectives. Players must work together in the fantasy board game by selecting a top action from one card in their hand, alongside a bottom action from another. The second edition of Gloomhaven will feature a rewritten version of the original campaign, with redesigned playable characters and a reputation-based faction system.

Childres was also asked whether they had any plans to work on any tabletop titles that weren’t attached to Gloomhaven, with the designer teasing that “there are a few things,” that they are “eager” to work on, with “not all of them” being related to Gloomhaven. The designer also stated that they didn’t want to “overwhelm people with new content.”

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