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Frosthaven Kickstarter pledges to be fulfilled this September

After being delayed last year.

The Kickstarter pledges for Frosthaven – the sequel to the dungeon-crawler game Gloomhaven – are set to be fulfilled this autumn.

According to a representative from Cephalofair Games, the studio responsible for publishing the upcoming board game, Frosthaven’s first wave of printing is “imminent”. (Thanks BoardGameGeek.) The rep also stated that shipping for Frosthaven is currently scheduled for middle of May, with the eventual fulfillment of pledges for the board game’s successful Kickstarter campaign taking place in September.

Frosthaven board game promo layout

The news follows comments made by Frosthaven’s designer Isaac Childres, the creator of the original Gloomhaven, last summer stating that he had no plans to announce a release date for the game due to the effect that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the global shipping industry. Thanks to the exorbitant costs of both shipping and raw materials, Childres made the decision to delay printing and shipping until the situation improved. “At this point we’re just hoping for the best when it actually comes to the shipping,” Childres said, “but it just keeping going up.”

Frosthaven is a co-op board game that takes place in the same universe as Gloomhaven and its recent spin-off title Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion. The game will see players becoming a group of adventurers who travel up to the wintry settlement of Frosthaven, a place that faces many different dangers from the freezing conditions to the hordes of monsters banging at its gates. During the game, the players will embark on various quests in and around the settlement, choosing to aid the locals or benefit themselves. Whenever players return to Frosthaven, they’ll be able to upgrade their characters as well as the settlement itself.

The original Gloomhaven was released in 2017 and sees players working together to complete an array of quests and random encounters. When playing through the dungeon-crawler game, players will have a deck of cards unique to the playable character they’ve chosen which they’ll have to use during combat. On the players’ turn, they’ll each choose two cards from their hand to play, selecting a top action from one and a bottom action from another to perform. Players can decide to take a short or long rest to regain cards from their discard pile, with one card being removed from the deck during the encounter. Players win the scenario if they fulfill their objectives but lose if all the characters die or run out of cards to use.

Update: This article previously stated that the retail price for Frosthaven would be $160 (£125). However, an update for the game's Kickstarter campaign page posted late last month announced that the retail price for Frosthaven would be increasing to $250 (£191) due to various factors. This price has since been corrected.

Dates for Frosthaven’s retail release are yet to be confirmed. In an update on the Kickstarter campaign page for Frosthaven, it was revealed that the retail price for the game would be increasing from the originally announced $160 (£125) to $250 (£191) due to more components being introduced into the retail version and the recent significant increase in shipping costs.

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