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Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth has a new DLC campaign and figure pack expansion on the way

Requires this year's big-box release Shadowed Paths.

Lord of the Rings board game Journeys in Middle-earth is getting a second digital campaign and its next mini-expansion figure pack later this year.

Released last year, Journeys in Middle-earth is an app-powered board game that sees players’ own fellowship of heroes - which can include familiar faces such as Bilbo Baggins, Legolas and Aragorn - exploring the fantasy world in a number of scenarios. The companion app controls enemies and events, as well as tracking the party’s progress across multiple connected sessions to form a longer campaign.

The campaign included in the core box was followed by the release of a downloadable campaign, Hunt for the Ember Crown, last August. A separate physical figure pack, Villains of Eriador, included new cards and miniatures representing the enemies in the DLC. The digital content could be played without the figure pack.

The game’s first big-box expansion was released last month. Shadowed Paths included a new 13-scenario campaign that explored locations such as Moria and Mirkwood, as well as adding characters including Gandalf and Arwen to the roster. Additional enemies - including a fearsome balrog - terrain tiles and item cards rounded out the set.

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Publisher Fantasy Flight has now announced Journeys in Middle-earth’s second digital campaign, The Haunting of Dale. Comprising 13 individual scenarios, the campaign sees the party investigate rumours of a creeping shade in the titular region and neighbouring Erebor. The players can’t investigate all of the rumours during a single playthrough, with the story branching based on the group’s decisions.

Journeys in Middle-earth’s core set and Shadowed Paths are both required to play The Haunting of Dale. The campaign itself is digital-only, available for purchase via the game’s free PC and mobile app “soon”, Fantasy Flight said. A price is yet to be announced; Hunt for the Ember Crown costs £5.19 on PC via Steam.

The downloadable content will be followed by a new figure pack, Dwellers in Darkness, which includes miniatures of the three villains from both Shadowed Paths and The Haunting of Dale: Supplicant of Morgoth, Ursa and Ollie the Troll.

The mini-expansion also includes a copy of the Knife item cards featuring new upgrades, the new Silver Circlet item card and extra player titles that can be acquired during a campaign.

Dwellers in Darkness will cost $15 when it’s released this October.

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