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A Post Malone Secret Lair is coming to Magic: The Gathering

He’s not post-Magic yet.

An promo image of rapper Post Malone.
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A Secret Lair drop themed around the hip hop artist Post Malone is set to release for Magic: The Gathering.

The set was announced during the Hasbro Investor Day, a meeting in which representatives from Hasbro, the company that owns Magic: The Gathering publisher Wizards of the Coast, discuss notable upcoming releases for the various studios it owns. Cards found within the new trading card game set will be focused around Post Malone, a popular hip hop artist known for songs such as Sunflower - which was featured in the soundtrack for Into the Spider-Verse – and Better Now.

Revealed by Cynthia WIlliams, the president of Wizards of the Coast – which is also responsible for publishing the tabletop roleplaying game, Dungeons & Dragons 5E – there are few details about the Post Malone set available, with information surrounding specific cards and artwork yet to be unveiled.

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Post Malone has previously displayed his love for Magic: The Gathering by purchasing a Black Lotus Card – which is one of the most valuable and rare Magic: The Gathering cards available - hosting events such as the Mana Y Mana tournament, which saw the artist competing against a public opponent with the chance to win $100,000 (£82,314). Besides Magic: The Gathering, Post Malone has also gotten involved in the Pokémon Trading Card Game, being featured alongside Katy Perry and J Blavin in a promotional collection of celebrity cards.

Other notable Magic: The Gathering announcements made during the Hasbro Investor Day include the reveal of card sets based on video game series Final Fantasy and Assassin’s Creed. Joining MTG’s Universes Beyond series – which features card sets that crossover between Magic: The Gathering and other licenses – the two sets are set to be released sometime from 2024.

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The Post Malone Secret Lair will join the likes of the Walking Dead Secret Lair and the Godzilla Secret Lair, with the set releasing as part of an exclusive, limited-edition collection that will feature unique artwork and may be pricier than a standard Magic: The Gathering booster pack because of that.

A release date and retail price are yet to be confirmed for the Post Malone Secret Lair.

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