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Here’s your chance to win a copy of Cyanide & Happiness’ new party game, Master Dater!

We’ve got three copies of the Big Love Edition to give away.

The folks behind darkly humoured webcomic Cyanide & Happiness are following up on Joking Hazard and Trial by Trolley with their latest party game, Master Dater - and we’ve got three copies to give away!

Master Dater sees players creating would-be partners for each other by combining head and body parts. Maybe you’re sticking Medusa’s head on a bird nest, plonking a big-brained head on kids in a trenchcoat, or combining a bank robber’s body with a puppet frog head.

Once you’ve created your loveable hybrid, everybody gets a chance to explain how their chimaera character fits one or more of the interests sought by one player’s love-seeking singleton. They might be after someone soft and squishy to the touch, someone into outdoorsy stuff, or perhaps someone who can help them survive during the post-apocalypse.

Watch the creators of Cyanide & Happiness play Master DaterWatch on YouTube

Having crowdfunded on Gamefound earlier this year, Master Dater is out on December 8th. Thanks to the folks over at Explosm, we have three copies of the new game to give away - to you!

Specifically, up for grabs is the Big Love Edition, the Gamefound-exclusive collector’s edition including the base game and all of the extras unlocked during its crowdfunding campaign - including the Uncut expansion, which features 150 additional NSFW cards.

To be in with a chance of winning, check out the competition below and enter before the end of next Monday, December 12th. You’ll need to be from the US or Canada to enter!

Win a copy of Cyanide & Happiness Master Dater: Big Love Edition!

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