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Commit mass property damage in Monopoly: Godzilla Monster Edition

Kaiju believe it?

Spread chaos and destruction across the property market as a towering behemoth from classic kaiju cinema in Monopoly: Godzilla Monster Edition, the newest entry in the family board game series.

Monsters are loose on planet Earth - and beyond - destroying iconic locations from various films in the Godzilla series of a sci-fi franchise that’s over 60 years old. Monopoly: Godzilla is an upcoming board game that sees players becoming one of several beloved kaiju - such as King Ghidorah, Mechagodzilla, Mothra, Minilla, Rodan and the King of the Monsters himself, Godzilla - in order to dominate as many locations as possible.

As players move around the game board they can choose to acquire various locations in order to trade them with other players, whilst picking up Monster Island and United Nations Godzilla Countermeasure Centre cards - which replace the Community Chest and Chance cards found in the original Monopoly - to help or hinder them along the way.

Collecting facilities and bases, which serve as Monopoly: Godzilla’s houses and hotels, will enable players to increase the value of their locations, forcing the other players that land on them to pay out more Godzilla dollars - the kaiju’s very own personal currency - and potentially go bankrupt.

Monopoly: Godzilla Monster Edition is being published by The Op, which has previously released a number of movie board games such as co-op board game Thanos Rising: Avengers Infinity War, deckbuilding board game Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle and the upcoming board game Talisman: Star Wars.

Announced alongside Monopoly: Godzilla Monster Edition was upcoming board game Jenga: Godzilla Extreme Edition, a version of the classic dexterity board game that has players attempting to pull and place blocks atop a towering building - all whilst the King of the Monsters attempts to destroy it with his heat ray.

Monopoly: Godzilla Monster Edition is available now at a retail price of $39.99/£32.

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Monopoly: Godzilla Monster Edition

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