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Nemesis: Lockdown is getting turned into a traitor-style video game

Could it alienate tabletop fans?

Nemesis: Lockdown, the board game featuring a bloodthirsty alien, is getting turned into a traitor-style video game.

Announced via an update on the Kickstarter page for the original Nemesis: Lockdown board game, the Nemesis: Lockdown video game will be a straight port of the tabletop title, unlike the previously revealed spin-off video game Nemesis: Distress – which is an entirely multiplayer focused game set in the world of Nemesis but not adapted from any specific tabletop title.

The digital board game version of Nemesis: Lockdown will enable players to experience the video game together or via a solo game mode featuring a variety of different scenarios. As in the original board game, the player characters find themselves trapped in a research station on Mars that is also the home of a band of terrifying extra-terrestrial creatures who are out to hunt them. As the potential victims of this alien, players in the digital version of Nemesis: Lockdown will need to complete their specific objectives before they can escape the base.

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Similarly to the horror board game that the Nemesis: Lockdown video game is based on, each player will have their own set of hidden objectives that they’ll have to fulfill in order to win. Some of the hidden objectives in the digital board game can turn players against each other, forcing them to become a traitor. Nemesis: Lockdown the video game can see multiple players become hidden traitors who are tasked with completing objectives that will result in the other players’ deaths.

Throughout the video game, players will have to navigate the research base in search of the items, rooms or people they need to encounter, all whilst giving the aggressive invading life-forms a wide berth. The game board of the original Nemesis: Lockdown tabletop title has been recreated via computer graphics, animations and a digital interface for players to interact with.

The Nemesis Lockdown video game was developed by Interstudio – with this being the company’s debut title - and will be published by Realms Distribution, which has previously released a laidback simulation video game called No Place Like Home.

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Nemesis: Lockdown the board game was created by Adam Kwapiński, the designer behind the original Nemesis horror board game, and published by Awaken Realms, a studio that has previously released tabletop titles such as Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign in June 2020, Lockdown was released in 2021. The board game for one to five players is a spin-off title from the first Nemesis board game and has players attempting to escape a base on Mars. Tasked with completed secret objectives across a multi-levelled base, the player characters will need to be wary of both the deadly aliens and their fellow humans.

Nemesis: Lockdown is set to be released in Early Access on the Steam store on May 31st – meaning that PC players will be able to experience an incomplete version of the game then – with a full release date yet to be confirmed.

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