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Numenera Discovery Bundle opens up a discounted gateway into the sci-fi RPG

Welcome to the Ninth World.

Explore the Ninth World for less with the Numenera Discovery Bundle currently featured on the Bundle of Holding website.

Focused around the sci-fi roleplaying game, the Numenera Discovery Bundle includes two separate tiers containing a collection of digital PDFs that provide players and games masters with everything they need to begin their adventures in a future civilisation.

The Discovery Collection, which is priced at $17.95 (£), features a selection of digital content worth around $93 (£) including the Numenera Discovery core rulebook, which has all the information required to understand the world of Numenera and how player characters can fit into it.

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Besides the corebook, the Discovery Collection also includes the Player’s Guide - which will enable players to create characters and figure out how to play the roleplaying game - as well as a character portfolio, the Priests of the Aeons book, the Technology Compendium and the Ninth World Guidebook. On top of this, buyers can get two sets of Maps of the Ninth World and a selection of character and creature standups to print out and use in their games.

For $36.92 (£), buyers can get all of the above alongside 11 additional pieces of content which are worth around $146 (£). The Destiny Collection tier features the Numenera Destiny companion corebook, which offers players and GMs even more ways to explore the Ninth World, and a campaign expansion to use with the corebook called Building Tomorrow - that will have players helping communities across the Ninth World to potentially survive and thrive.

In addition, the Destiny Collection also includes all three Ninth World Bestiaries, containing details around the various wildlife that populate the Ninth World, alongside Voices of the Datasphere, a two-part campaign called Slaves of the Machine God, an adventure anthology named the Explorer’s Keys and a selection of adventures for players to embark on called Forgetting Doomsday, Shadewalker and The Thief, The Clave and the Ultimatum.

Numenera Destiny RPG cover

Numenera is an RPG that’s set billions of years in the future in which eight worlds - or civilisations - have since risen and fallen, with the ninth iteration being the one that player characters find themselves stepping into. With so much history and technology behind them, the people of Numenera may choose to learn from the past or attempt to forge their own paths, with the player characters being free to explore the Ninth World as they wish.

Since its initial release in 2014, when it was given the 2014 Origins Award for Best New Roleplaying Game, Numenera has received a second publishing in the form of two core rulebooks called Discovery and Destiny. The studio behind Numenera is Monte Cook Games, which is also the company responsible for RPGs such as Ptolus and No Thank You, Evil.

The Numenera Discovery Bundle of Holding is live until 28th September with ten percent of all payments being donated to Direct Relief, a non-for-profit organisation that supports health workers in the US, Canada and regional response agencies across the world.

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